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Bosch’s braking system manufacturing base inaugurated in SIP

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Bosch, a German multinational engineering and electronics company known as the world’s largest supplier of automotive components, inaugurated its integrated braking system manufacturing base in SIP on July 4.
The project marks an expansion of the Fortune 500 enterprise in its operations in SIP where Bosch Auto Parts (Suzhou) Co Ltd was erected in 1999 with three factories and three office buildings for automotive component manufacturing, R&D and financial, technical and HR services.
The about RMB 800 million manufacturing base, with a land area of 10,000 square meters, boasts automatic production of customizable light and space-saving smart electronic braking systems (EBSs) for conventional and self-driving vehicles as well as real-time on-line manufacturing data monitoring for quality control. It is reportedly Bosch’s second manufacturing base of its kind worldwide.

July 4, 2019