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Express cargo distribution center comes into service in SIP

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SIP Truck-Air Transportation & Distribution Center, a project jointly developed by SIP High-end Manufacturing and International Trade Zone (SIP-HMITZ) and Shanghai-based China Eastern Air Logistics Co Ltd (EAL) in order to facilitate cargo transport between SIP and airports in Shanghai, came into service at SIP-HMITZ on June 12.

Based on SZV, a virtual system that SIP built in 2002 for fast customs clearance and logistics support, the project enables cargos sorted at Shanghai airports to be directly delivered to SIP for distribution to the cargo owners. It is estimated that it will help save delivery duration by at least six hours and cut logistics cost by about 15% to 25% due to abandonment?of intermediate agency services.

It is reported that more than 30 SIP-based enterprises have showed interest in the innovative logistics mode, and several of them have tried it and given positive feedbacks.

Concurrently, SIP-HMITZ and EAL signed an agreement to enhance strategic cooperation in multi-mode transportation in the future.

June 12, 2019