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Melodies from Suzhou sound in UN headquarters

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At the invitation of the Permanent Mission of China to the UN Office, Suzhou Symphony Orchestra (SZSO) made its debut at United Nations' headquarters in New York City, on Feb 8 (local time) with a concert designed to celebrate the Chinese New Year and disseminate Chinese culture.

Music works performed at the event included those like Spring Festival Overture, Jasmine Flower, Horse Racing and Dance of the Yao People which highlight artistic characteristics of different ethnic groups in China, and those like Frühlingsstimmen, L'Arlésienne and Symphony No. 4 in F minor, Op. 36 which the overseas audiences are quite familiar with.

"Since symphony originated from western countries, we chose those classic western works. As for the Chinese songs, we hope they can help the audiences know better about Chinese culture and art," SZSO head Chen Guangxian said.

Ms. María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés, president of the 73rd Session of the General Assembly, said in her welcome speech that she believes art has the power of transcending culture, civilization and national boundaries, and expressed her appreciation for the event.

The concert was coupled with an exhibition which, hosted by iSuzhou, a Suzhou-based international communication website, showcased a diversity of cultural and creative products such as Taohuawu New Year woodcut prints and Spring Festival couplets that enabled the visitors to better understand Suzhou's history, culture, art and lifestyles.