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100 minibuses to come into trial operation in SIP

A total of 100 electric minibuses will come into trial operation in SIP next month to provide convenient last-mile services to the residents, according to the recent announcement by SIP Planning and Construction Committee (SIPPCC).

The minibuses are deemed to be an effective supplement to SIP's existing public transport system. They are expected to make easier short-distance travels between the residents' homes and nearby destinations like schools and neighborhood centers and increase travels by public transport means for environmental protection purpose.

The 6-meter-long and 13-seat minibus can carry up to 39 people. They will run every 5 to 8 minutes during the peak hours and at scheduled intervals during the rest of time for a distance ranging from 5 to 10 km.

"We are now planning the routes based on the residents' feedbacks to an on-going public opinion poll," said an SIPPCC official, revealing that a total of 200 minibuses of the kind are set to be put into service on 20 routes covering 50% of SIP's communities by the end of this year.

July 4, 2018

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