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Dragon boat race to kick off next month

Many dragon boat teams trained in a water sports club at SIP's old Xietang Street on May 26 in readiness for the 2018 China Telecom E-surfing 4G Cup Jinji Lake Dragon Boat Race which is scheduled to kick off on June 18.

The dragon boat race, initiated in SIP in 2010, is an annual event to celebrate the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival which, reckoned on the fifth day of the fifth month on the Chinese lunar calendar, will fall on June 18 this year.

It is reported that 66 teams consisting of 1,348 people, including 220 expatriates from over 20 countries like Australia, the UK and France, will compete in the 12-men and 12-women 300-meter straightaway races and 22-people 300-meter straightaway races.

"We will have better facilities this year, including an eight-lane starting platform, and a creative bazaar highlighting traditional Chinese culture and offering delicious food from different countries and regions," said Tang Yong from the organizing committee.


May 26,2018

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