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Festival Air for the New Year  2011-12-31
SIP-Xiangcheng Cooperation Development Zone to Be Unveiled in January 2012  2011-12-31
SIP Records 94.9% Satisfaction on Administration Transparency and Efficiency  2011-12-31
Harmony Constellation, the Biggest Complex at Hudong CBD Area Capped  2011-12-31
Venture Week 2012 for International Elites in Suzhou Scheduled on July 10-12  2011-12-29
SIP Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Office Helps Importers Save Money  2011-12-29
Students at SIP Institute of Vocational Technology Enjoy Guqin Music Show  2011-12-30
Speed Angle Premieres on December 28  2011-12-30
SIP Government Publishes 30 Indicators of Basic Modernization  2011-12-30
Things You Should Know about Renting a Public Bike in SIP  2011-12-30
Letter of Greetings Facilitates Information Collection  2011-12-29
Dongfang Industrial Park in SIP Loufeng Township Officially Opens  2011-12-29
US Saw Chain Manufacturer Opens Asia-Pacific Procurement Office in SIP  2011-12-27
SIP Listed as 2011 Top 10 National New and Hi-tech Parks  2011-12-28
SIP Holds HYSTA Theme Road Show on 20 Projects to Investors  2011-12-28
SIP Governmental Communicates with Local Entrepreneurs  2011-12-28
The 2nd Xinghai Primary School International Culture Festival Starts  2011-12-28
Bike Rental Card Available Since December 25  2011-12-26
Preparations for Rail Transit Line 1 Test Run  2011-12-28
Painting Talent Show in SIP Fangzhou Primary School  2011-12-27
Kong Fu Pandas in SIPYCC  2011-12-27
Children in SIP Enjoy Technological Christmas  2011-12-27
Suzhou Dushu Lake SED Hospital Opens and Foundation Laid for Phase-2 of Kowloon Hospital  2011-12-27
Christmas Eve in SIP  2011-12-26
Local Government Proposes 2012 Tasks and Emphasizes Steady Growth  2011-12-27
SESL Employees Celebrate Christmas Together with Deaf Children  2011-12-27
Afton Chemical (Suzhou) R&D Laboratory Opens in SIP  2011-12-26
SIP Xinghai Life Plaza to Be a New Landmark in the City  2011-12-29
SIP Customs Introduces Import Clearance Classification  2011-12-26
Latest Progresses of High-rise Buildings in Huxi CBD Area  2011-12-26
Internet of Things Association Suzhou Founded  2011-12-23
Mayor of Suzhou Meets with Consul General of Singapore to Shanghai  2011-12-22
2 Brands in SIP Win China Well-known Trademarks  2011-12-22
XJTLU Test Center Announces 2012 IELTS Test Schedule  2011-12-23
SIP Institute of Service Outsourcing Offers 5 New Programs in 2012  2011-12-23
Chinese and Foreign Teachers Have PK on Teaching Skills  2011-12-23
A Heartwarming Night on Winter Solstice  2011-12-23
Christmas Atmosphere in XJTLU  2011-12-22
Chinese Premier Reiterates Confidence amid Complicated Economic Outlook  2011-12-21
SIP to Build Technology-Finance Silicon Valley  2011-12-21
Personal Works Exhibition of Gary Bukovnik Opens  2011-12-21
Students at Xinghai School Immersed in Chinese Traditions  2011-12-22
Premier Wen Jiabao Visits Suzhou Industrial Park  2011-12-22
Distribute Christmas Presents and Enjoy Joyfulness  2011-12-21
SIP Institute of Services Outsourcing Strengthens Partnership with Enterprises  2011-12-21
SIP Lakeshore Seems like a Fairyland in Haze  2011-12-21
Family Diner Party in Horizon Community  2011-12-21
Phoenix International Book Mall Unveiled  2011-12-21
Ambassador Chin Siat-Yoon of Singapore Visits Suzhou  2011-12-19
Winter Fun Games Held in Xingwan School  2011-12-20
Electric Billboard Added in Xinjia Community  2011-12-20
Tommy Li and Works 20 Years Exhibition at Han Pu Art Center on Dec.19-Jan.8  2011-12-20
Assemble Prosperous Suzhou With Waste Materials  2011-12-20
SIP Xinghai Life Plaza Takes Shape  2011-12-20
SIP Government Holds Christmas and New Year Party  2011-12-20
SIP Opens the First Port Clearance Service Hall in Suzhou
SIP to Promote Knowledge Economy and Recognizes 190 Talents
The Inaugural Business China Enterprise Award Goes to SIP
  Suzhou Industrial Park Video  
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