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Three Education Projects Break Ground in SIP with 40 More to Come in Five Years

As a demonstration base of education in the city, Suzhou Industrial Park never stops making progress and keeps launching programs. On December 25, three more projects, Dongsha Lake School, SIP Eco-Science Hub Kindergarten, and the training base of SIP Industrial Technology School, held a joint groundbreaking ceremony.

Covering a land area of 9,074m² with a floorage of 5,750m², the 22-million-yuan public preschool education facility has the design capacity of 12 classes and 420 kids.

The design effect of SIP Eco-Science Hub Kindergarten

This will be the first three-star green kindergarten in the city, emphasizing the harmonious co-existence among people, building, and education environment and promoting the low-carbon and energy-saving concepts.

The design effect of Dongsha Lake School

Dongsha Lake School is a nine-year public school located on the northern flank of Xiandai Avenue, east of Zhongnan Street, and adjacent to Shahu Lake Eco-Park, covering a land area of 80,000 and with a construction area of 45,000 square meters. The 150-million-yuan project will have 24 junior classes and 48 primary classes with a capacity of 3,300 students. The architectural design is of European style featuring elegance, solemnity, and simplicity.

The design effect of SIP Industrial Technology School training base

Covering 23,000 and a floor area of 10,158 square meters, SIP Industrial Technology School training base is a 38-million-yuan project located west of Xuetang Street, east of Songtao Street, and south of the campus. The facilities available at its completion include hairdressing and image design, recreation sports, modern logistics and auto repair, wining and dining, and housekeeping management. The job training base will help the school to improve its functions and to better serve local talent market needs.

The SIP official sources said that there would be a dozen schools and more than 30 kindergartens breaking ground during the 12th Five Year Plan starting in 2011.

December 28, 2010

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