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SIP Huxi Community Commend 134 Good Neighbors and Heartwarming Individuals

On December 25, Suzhou Industrial Park Huxi Community Working Committee held a rally in CIQ Building to commend 30 heartwarming individuals and 104 "good neighbors" of the year 2010, which became another epitome of Huxi's harmonious community construction. 

Since the implementation of "Touch Love" action of Huxi Community, advanced and model individuals have continually tuned out, and members of the Community have shown high enthusiasm in building a harmonious community, which promoted the community's brand and culture of "tolerance, participation, mutual aid and sharing".  

In order to create a new, friendly, civilized, and mutual-aid neighborhood relationship and a warm, harmonious big family, Huxi Community Working Committee selected a total of 104 "good neighbors", and 30 heartwarming individuals who were public-minded, respectful to the old and relatives, honest and hardworking, dedicated to work and public welfare, courageous to do the righteous, and honest and morally virtuous. 

Among these model individuals, there were hardworking community staffers, unselfish and devoted community volunteers, filial daughters-in-law, security guards who worked hard and never complained, and etc. These people had different jobs and identities, but they had one thing in common, that is, to build the happy and harmonious community.

Tian Taicu, Secretary of CPC Huxi Community Working Committee, hoped that the Community members would learn from the model individuals to construct the happy Huxi Community of "vitality, cohesiveness, active participation, voluntary dedication, and stability and order" with concerted efforts. In New Year, Huxi Community Working Committee would work together to build up a modern, humanistic and internationalized community brand with high aspiration and strong determination.

December 27, 2010



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