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 SIP HR Issues "Survey of Salary and Welfare of Japanese-funded Enterprises in Suzhou Municipality in 2010"

Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) Human Resources Development Co. held a news conference on its Survey of Salary and Welfare of Japanese-funded Enterprises in Suzhou Municipality in 2010 at the lecture hall of SIP Dushu Lake Higher Education Town on the afternoon of December 16, and more than 200 HR managers of Japanese-funded enterprises from Suzhou Municipality attended the meeting.

In order to acquaint Japanese-funded enterprises with Suzhou's pay levels and the latest trend of industries, and to assist them to adjust their own development strategies, SIP HR conducted this survey to respond to their requirements. Comparing with the survey last year, the scope of respondents this time embraced Suzhou Municipality (SIP, SND, Wuzhong and Xiangcheng Districts, and 5 county-level cities included), and newly added auto-related companies in accordance with distribution of enterprises and industries. During the process of investigation, SIP HR implemented on-site one-to-one counseling and was strict with survey contents and data input.

SIP HR looked into 134 Japanese-funded enterprises, and collected a total of 23,623 data samples from 18 departments of HR, finance, manufacturing, and sales, 287 posts in 22 ratings. According to characteristics of Japanese-funded enterprises' salary, ranking of posts, welfare, and etc, the survey increased to 201 content items in 8 categories from 124 items in 5 categories in 2009. 

The survey was printed into nearly 20 versions including Chinese-Japanese general description, detailed, and customized versions, covering information on salaries of 4 categories of posts, 4 major categories of posts within 6 industries, 22 rankings, 6 educational backgrounds, 287 specific posts, graduates' minimum salary, allowance for different grades of Japanese language, Japanese-funded enterprises' welfare measures, the year 2010's actual and year 2011's predicated salary range, and turnover rate of employees. 

December 23,2010

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