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PPMEET Launches One-Month Trial Edition of Enterprise Web Conference Service

PPMEET in Suzhou Industrial Park introduced in early November web conference platform (www.ppmeet.com) and promised free services to both individuals and enterprises. A month later, it answered the call of the market and launched more powerful enterprise edition to facilitate the online communications among companies.

Some local companies registered for one-month trial and several have signed agreements with PPMEET on authorized official edition.

This is a solution to communications between a company and its subsidiaries, customers, and partners anytime and anywhere. "The enterprise edition provides to any companies in the world an integrated solution of web conference and real-time communications," said a PPMEET engineer. "With it, distance will no longer be an obstacle."

There are several hundred online conference services in China including some leading brands in the world. Yet none of these solutions is completely satisfactory. Some, for example, are too expensive, while some others based on software are vulnerable to hackers. The PPMEET engineer believed that web conference is the safest among them.

PPMEET enterprise edition is based exclusively on web page without any plug-ins, and supports all major browsers with user-friendly interface and easy Chinese-English switch. On the basis of the original platform edition, it introduces more innovative functions such as inviting guests, sending notification to certain group of members, automatically managing meeting materials, and recording the meeting. The ultimate purpose is to facilitate the entire conference procedures and to improve communication efficiency.

December 22, 2010


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