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Suzhou Kinglong Higer Produces 20,000 Buses in 12 Months

At 13:58 on December 18, an H92 luxury bus equipped with G-BOS intelligent operation system drove out of the assembly line of Suzhou Kinglong Higer in Suzhou Industrial Park and created a new record in the history of the company. This is the twenty-thousandth bus produced by Kinglong and therefore a milestone for the local automaker.

Since its founding at the end of 1998, Kinglong has realized an average annual growth of 50% during the past 12 years, producing 10,000 buses in seven years and the second 10,000 in merely five years. Exploring behind the glories, one will find strong support of quality control, R&D, and management improvement. With such honors as "Famous Chinese Brand" and "Product Exempt from Export Inspection", Higer keeps increasing its domestic market share and at the same time expanding its sales in international markets.

During the first 11 months of this year, Kinglong sold 18,294 buses with the sales totaling at 6.208 billion yuan, registering a year-on-year growth of 40.78% and 44.42% respectively. The management expects 7 billion yuan of sales this year. The company witnesses and experiences the rapid growth of bus manufacturing industry in the country. Starting with the initial Model 6703, Kinglong now makes and markets over 300 bus types of nine series whose lengths vary from 5.4 to 18 meters to meet different market needs.

December 21, 2010



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