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SIP Institute of Services Outsourcing Strengthens Ties with Local Companies

Suzhou Industrial Park Institute of Services Outsourcing (SISO) gathered on December 18 with over 50 enterprises to discuss the sharing and win-win cooperation between the institute and companies.

SISO signs agreements with local companies on opening customized education programs

At the seminar, SISO and SIP-based companies signed cooperation agreements on opening six customized programs including Exigen software development, Transcosmos software development, and Wicressoft BPO. Covering different majors of IT, business administration, and finance, these programs are customized according to the specific needs of the companies. There are 25 to 40 students in one class and the companies promise to offer them scholarship every year and priorities of recruitment upon graduation.

Other cooperation programs include four training workshops of SISO-Exigen 3G Mobile Development, SISO-Oracle Database, SISO-Adobe Creative, and SISO Cuscapi BI (Business Intelligence), introducing real enterprise projects to classrooms so that the students majoring in IT, digital media, and business administration can work together and explore possible solutions.

SISO and Suzhou Autek Technology co-found Autek College

Other agenda at the event included the founding of a base training and producing highly skilled network professionals in cooperation with Ruijie Networks as well as the launching of Autek College by joining hands with Suzhou Autek Technology to make full use of the teaching resources and facilities in the Institute.

SISO signs agreements with four companies to launch four more training workshops

SISO will team up with Suzhou Property Management Association in 2011 to jointly offer a new program and to recruit students interested in property management. The job options for the graduates of this program include property manager, property maintenance manager, service manager, and project development manager at high-end office buildings, residential communities, government utilities, enterprises, and public institutions.

December 21, 2010



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