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Foreigners Enjoy Christmas in Suzhou

Blowing table tennis balls in flour bowls

Students from Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University (XJTLU) play Christmas carols

Christmas Party full of joy and warmth

Chinese and foreign inhabitants get together in the party

In order to create a joyful atmosphere for foreign residents in Suzhou Industrial Park Huxi Community, more than a hundred Chinese and foreigners who lived in Huxi Community got together at a Christmas party in the evening of December 9, which made Huxi Community a heartwarming family. Many foreigners and their families came together to the well-decorated third floor of Huxi Community Working Committee building and on the spot, people sat around and enjoyed the delicious western buffet specially prepared by SIP Huxi Community Working Committee and listened to the Christmas carols played by students from XJTLU. The interesting games brought great pleasant to them and during the activities Santa Claus delivered gifts to children, making the space a scene of joy and happiness. Luka from Romania and Mark from Philippines took part in the game "blowing table tennis balls in flour bowls" together, and Luka's flour-smeared face made all the people laugh out loudly. "I have been in Suzhou for three years, and taking part in Christmas Party in SIP always has an appeal to me and my family members, and I love China very much," Luka told the reporter happily.

December 13, 2010

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