SIP No. 8 Middle School Opens China's First Polar Science Museum on South Pole   11/30/2009
Mission Health Technologies to Develop E-Medical-Record Information Platform   11/30/2009
Stage (Suzhou) International Luxury Brands Opens during Christmas Season   11/30/2009
Hasegawa Flavours (Suzhou) Starts Production to Meet Rising Market Demand   11/29/2009
Suzhou Brightech Achieves Technological Breakthroughs   11/29/2009
Hudong CBD to Offer New Public Parking Lot in Late December   11/29/2009
Three SIP Schools Establish Close Ties with Singapore Guangyang Secondary School   11/29/2009
Enjoy Award-Winning Jadeware and Learn Authentication Techniques at SSCAC   11/29/2009
Register for the 3rd SIP Badminton Open Now   11/29/2009
Introducing Hong Kong Story and Typical Hong Kong Food to Local Gourmets   11/29/2009
First Painting & Calligraphy Association in SIP Founded at Huxi Community   11/29/2009
SESS Volunteers Help Two More Local Families to Build New Houses   11/29/2009
SIP Holds Emergency Rescue Drill to Prepare for Hazardous Chemical Leakage   11/29/2009
SIP Widens Sidewalks along Binglang Road and in Qinyuan Community   11/27/2009
Bondex-Nisshin Recognized as Key Logistics Enterprise in Jiangsu Province   11/27/2009
Local Kids Learn to Make Clay Statuettes at SIP Youth & Children Centre   11/27/2009
Heavy Fog Turns SIP into a Fairyland   11/27/2009
Jiang Hongkun Meets with Delegation of Singapore   11/26/2009
SINANO Recruits 156 PhD Talents in Three Years   11/26/2009
SIP to Add Three Fire Control Stations in 2010   11/26/2009
Delicious Local Snacks at Food Center on 3rd Floor at Auchan   11/26/2009
SIP Promotes Public Technological Platform Services   11/25/2009
5,500-Year-Old Ancient Tombs Excavated at Caoxie Hill Relics   11/25/2009
SISPARK-Based Enterprise Achieves CMMI Breakthrough   11/25/2009
8th SIP Domestic and Foreign Enterprise Sports Meet Concludes on Nov 14   11/25/2009
Singaporean Delegation of SJCC Visits Suzhou   11/24/2009
Jiangsu Governor Meets with Singapore's Minister for Health   11/24/2009
Two SIP PV Power Projects Listed as National Golden Sun Pilot Projects   11/24/2009
Postal Savings Bank of China Suzhou Branch Opens Another Financing Channel for Small Enterprises   11/24/2009
Huxi Community Offers More Convenient Services to Foreign Residents   11/24/2009
Suzhou Shopping Festival 2009 Opens at International Expo Center   11/24/2009
Decoding Information Project in SIP: the Benefits of E-Account Books   11/23/2009
SIP Youth & Children Center Recognized as Green Building by MOHURD   11/23/2009
Clear Sign of Economic Recovery in SIP   11/23/2009
SIP Vocational School and Golden Shine Beauty Jointly Launch a Training Base   11/23/2009
SIP Witnesses Net Steel Exports Once Again in October   11/20/2009
Jinghope InterContinental Hotel Suzhou Finishes External Curtain Wall   11/20/2009
SIP Preferential-Rent Housing Management Center to Offer Online Services   11/20/2009
China Mobile Suzhou Branch to Move to SIP   11/20/2009
China-Japan Version of The Peony Pavilion in Performing Frenzy   11/20/2009
Suzhou Int'l Expo Center to Hold Five More Exhibitions in 2009   11/20/2009
R&D Centers Spur on SIP Industrial Transformation and Upgrading   11/19/2009
Jiexin Auto AC Headquarter Building at Weiting Town Breaks Ground   11/19/2009
Printpack Opens Manufacturing Base in Suzhou   11/19/2009
New Energy-Saving Green Building of XJTLU to Be Put into Use in February 2010   11/19/2009
Five SIP Logistics Companies Win Provincial Titles of Technological Advancement   11/19/2009
New Blood Infused into SIP Headquarter Economy   11/18/2009
Philips Imaging Systems China Industrial Project Launched in SIP   11/18/2009
ULVAC Materials (Suzhou) Holds Ground-Breaking Ceremony for New Plant   11/17/2009
Jiang Hongkun Meets with Samsung LCD Unit President   11/17/2009
First Underwater Tunnel of Suzhou Light Rail Line 1 Completed   11/17/2009
900 Players from 52 Foreign-Invested Enterprises Attend Sports Meet   11/17/2009
New Logo of XJTLU   11/17/2009
2009 Linde New Product Launch Ceremony Held at Suzhou Logistics Center   11/16/2009
Stage (Suzhou) International Luxury Brands Village to Open on November 27   11/16/2009
Volunteers in Huxi Community Knit Gloves for Children in Quake-Hit Areas   11/16/2009
The 3rd China (Suzhou) Patent Week to Promote Production-Research Cooperation   11/15/2009
Mayor Yan Li Meets with Senior Executives of Korea Industrial Bank and Philips China   11/15/2009
Cursive by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan Enchants Local Audience   11/15/2009
SIP Photonics & Communications Companies Optimistic about Recovery   11/13/2009
Suzhou-Taiwan Industry Development symposium Held in Taipei   11/13/2009
Wild Cursive by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan Premieres at SSCAC   11/13/2009
Chinese President Meets with Singaporean Senior Minister   11/13/2009
Hu Makes Six-Point Proposal in Singapore   11/13/2009
China's Cool Head in Crisis Praised   11/13/2009
Suzhou Signed 1.2B US Dollars Worth of Agreements during Taiwan-Jiangsu Week   11/12/2009
SIP Star Hotels Equipped with Intelligent Digital Telephones   11/12/2009
Hu Meets with Singaporean Minister Mentor   11/12/2009
Swiss Pavilion of Expo 2010 Shanghai Brings "Nature's Playground" to Suzhou   11/11/2009
Dushu Lake Sci-Edu Innovation Park to Expand Eastward   11/11/2009
Traditional Folk Art: a Sweet and Edible Painting Created with a Ladle   11/11/2009
SSEC Reaps High Return from Investment Insight   11/11/2009
Feng Yun Network Services Appraised and Awarded CMMI Level 3   11/11/2009
SIP Starts to Administer H1N1/A Flu Vaccine among Local Students   11/10/2009
First Traditional Chinese Culture & Art Festival Held in SIP   11/10/2009
Huxi Community Launches Touch Love Campaign and Recruits 3,000 Volunteers   11/10/2009
Children's Hospital to Build HQ in SIP   11/10/2009
SIP Comprehensive Archives Building to Be Completed in August 2010   11/10/2009
Suzhou Mould Technology Holds Opening Ceremony at Loufeng Town in SIP   11/10/2009
Caterpillar Logistics among Top 20 Global Logistics Settles in SIP   11/10/2009
Chongyuan Tempe Passes Provincial Inspection on 4A-Grade Tourist Spot   11/10/2009
SIP Entry-Exit Office Helps Exporters Benefit from China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone   11/09/2009
First Solar Street Lamps Debut in China-Singapore Science Hub   11/09/2009
Top German IT Service Provider to Enhance Cooperation with SIP   11/09/2009
Fast and Steady Construction on Suzhou Section of Beijing-Shanghai Express Rail   11/06/2009
Two Interchanges at North Ring Road East Extension Line Phase 2 Taking Shape   11/06/2009
Suzhou Light Rail Line 2 Likely to Extend Eastward to Dushu Lake   11/06/2009
Larox Filtration Technology Suzhou Celebrates Inauguration   11/06/2009
SSCAC Recognized as One of "100 Classic & Excellent Projects at the 60th Anniversary of New China"   11/06/2009
Joy86 becomes another Rising Online Game Developer in SIP   11/06/2009
HK International Furniture Festival 2009 to Kick off at Derlook on Saturday   11/06/2009
Weiting Authorities Help SMEs to Get Much-Needed Supporting Services   11/05/2009
First Session of Traditional Chinese Culture & Art Festival to Open on Saturday   11/05/2009
Main Structure of SIP Christian Church Completed   11/05/2009
Donggang Experimental Primary School Incorporated into Xinggang School   11/05/2009
Local Neighborhood Committee Helps Foreign Residents Blend in Community Life   11/05/2009
Traditional Cultural Etiquette of Ancient China Taught in Soochow University   11/05/2009
Siemens Hearing Instruments (Suzhou) Launches First R&D Center in China   11/04/2009
Suzsoft Starts the Year's Third Recruitment Program and Offers 200 Jobs   11/04/2009
CECIC (Suzhou) Environment Science & Technology Industry Park Breaks Ground   11/03/2009
SIP Invests 30 Million in Renovating 66km Sidewalks   11/03/2009
Foreign Residents Gather by Dushu Lake for the Autumn Party and the Photo Show   11/03/2009
SIPAC Cooperates with Shanghai Jiaotong University in Building an Environmental Protection R&D Base   11/03/2009
Sniffer Dog Ahoo by Suzhou Heaven Cartoon Nominated for Golden Dragon Award   11/02/2009
20,000 Jobs Are Only Few Clicks Away at   11/02/2009
New Farm Produce Market in Chefang to Be Open on January 31   11/02/2009
SINANO and CIQSZ Launch a Joint Laboratory in Wuzhong Science & Technology Park   11/02/2009
2nd Dushu Lake Venture Capital Forum and CIFC Annual Conference Opens in SIP   11/02/2009
SIP Harmony Times Square Gets Ready for the Coming Halloween   10/30/2009
Jiang Hongkun Meets with Austrian Guests   10/30/2009
SIP Neighborhood Center Development Launches New Project in Taicang Port   10/30/2009
Suzhou Cooperates with Over 100 Colleges and Builds 80 R&D Centers   10/30/2009
2009 Advantech World Partner Conference Held at Suzhou International Expo Center   10/29/2009
Huxi One-Stop Center Provides Invoicing Service for Private Landlords   10/29/2009
Beijing Municipal Party and Government Delegation Visits Harmony Times Square in SIP   10/29/2009
Beijing Party Leader Praises SIP for Visionary Planning and High-Level Urban Construction   10/29/2009
Harmony Times Square Stages Shows by College Students and Foreign Performers   10/29/2009
Zhideli Electronic Opens New Plant in SIP   10/29/2009
SIP Public Transport Authority to Upgrade and Overhaul Bus Engines   10/29/2009
8th SIP Domestic and Foreign Enterprise Sports Exchange Opens on September 27   10/29/2009
AVN Energy (Suzhou) to Promote Local Energy Conservation   10/28/2009
Girder Construction Completed on Shanghai-Nanjing Inter-city Railway Suzhou Section   10/28/2009
SIP Cleans Loujiang River by Removing Water Plants and Construction Wastes   10/28/2009
Lianhua Bus Parking and Maintenance Field to be Completed by the End of the Year   10/28/2009
SIP to Build National Innovation and Venture Base for Overseas High-Level Talents   10/28/2009
Primary Students Challenge Top Chess Masters   10/28/2009
Bayside Garden Opens a Day Care Center to Help Stay-at-Home Moms   10/28/2009
The Gray-Haired Spend an Unforgettable Double Ninth Festival at SIP Cultural Complex   10/27/2009
A Riverside Park to Be Built by Wusong River in Loufeng Town   10/27/2009
eMEX 2009 Concludes with Record Attendance   10/27/2009
SESL Celebrates its 7th Anniversary & the 200 Millionth Product   10/27/2009
International Clean-room Education Board (China) Training Base to Be Built in SIP   10/27/2009
ICSC Delegation Visits SIP Harmony Times Square   10/27/2009
Municipal Government Promotes HK Investment in Modern Service Industry   10/27/2009
SIP to Strengthen Ties with Multinational Companies for Future Leap Growth   10/26/2009
SIP Toprank IT Ranks Top with Leading Modelica Technology in the World   10/26/2009
Intel World Ahead Program Director Visits HiPiKids Technology   10/26/2009
Local Entrepreneurs Attend Golf Event to Help SIP Boai Charity School   10/26/2009
Suzsoft President Honored with "Excellent Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur Award"   10/26/2009
eMEX Suzhou 2009 Introduces 3G Lifestyle   10/26/2009
SIP to Launch Integrated management Platform for Processing Trade in December   10/23/2009
SIP Bayside Garden Offers Bonsai Services to Foreign Residents   10/23/2009
Jiang Hongkun Meets with Japanese Guests   10/23/2009
State and Provincial Governments to Promote ICT Industry during Post-Crisis Era   10/23/2009
The 8th eMEX and 7th IC China Kick Off   10/23/2009
200 Companies to Attend IC China 2009 on Oct. 22-24   10/22/2009
Top-Sealing Ceremony Held for Suzhou Light Rail Line 1 Huachi Street Station   10/22/2009
Michael Jackson's This is It to be On in SSCAC Cineplex on October 28   10/22/2009
Municipal Government Allocates 30M Yuan Special Fund on Culture Industry   10/22/2009
Relief Supplies Valued 210,000 RMB by Positec for Post-quake Sichuan Reconstruction   10/22/2009
SIP Leader Introduces Experience at China-ASEAN Customs-Trade Cooperation Forum   10/22/2009
Vice-Premier Hui Encourages Local Leaders to Achieve New Growth against Crisis   10/22/2009
Beautiful Jinji Lake at Sunset   10/22/2009
SIP Starts to Maintain Jinji Lake Road   10/21/2009
What's On at SSCAC: Guitar Duo by Argentinean Best Musicians on October 23   10/21/2009
Seven SIP Japanese Companies Pass Municipal Assessment on R&D Facilities   10/21/2009
SESL Win the First Prize of Adult Group Dancing Competition at Holiday Sports   10/21/2009
Auspiciousness at Finger Tips of SIP Dwellers'   10/21/2009
Hudong Community Offers Traditional Chinese Culture Classes to Foreign Residents   10/21/2009
SIP Promotes Cooperation between Leading Colleges and Local Companies   10/20/2009
SIP No. 5 Middle School Holds Autumn Sports Meeting   10/20/2009
1st International Conference on Selenium in Environment and Human Health Held in Suzhou   10/20/2009
Suzhou Painting & Calligraphy Institute Opens Fine Arts Gallery in SIP   10/20/2009
300 Top Bio-Med Experts Gather in Suzhou   10/20/2009
Suzhou Seminar on Innovative Economy & Sustainable Development Held   10/20/2009
SIP Holds MNC Shared Services Center Forum to Explore New Outsourcing Trend   10/20/2009
Amateur Art Troupe Finds Home in SIP Culture Complex   10/20/2009
SIP Passes the Assessment on the Implementation of 2008 Energy-Saving Goals   10/19/2009
Talent Service Union Founded in Dushu Lake Higher Education Town   10/19/2009
Light Rail Line 1 Underwater Tunnel Reaches Ashore   10/19/2009
Hula Hoops Start Spinning again   10/19/2009
Jiang Hongkun Meets with Top Executives of Fortune-500 Companies   10/19/2009
Higer and Scania Jointly Launch a New Bus Model at Bus World 2009   10/19/2009
Suzhou Forum on Sustainable Development Discusses Joint Efforts & Common Prosperity   10/19/2009
Samsung Electronics Suzhou Computer Opens New R&D Building   10/16/2009
eBaby Mascot of eMEX Suzhou Makes Debut   10/16/2009
Community English Class Attracts Local Housewives   10/16/2009
Loufeng Passes Expert Assessment on Garden Town in Jiangsu Province   10/16/2009
China-Singapore Land Corporation Offers 60,000 Yuan Bursaries to 40 Students   10/16/2009
Weiting Town Leads in Energy-Saving and Emission-Reducing Campaign   10/16/2009
SIP One-Stop Service Center Authorized to Handle Price Examination, Approval & Filing   10/16/2009
Ciamite 2009 to Be Held at Suzhou International Expo Center on October 15-17   10/15/2009
SIP to Finish the Renovation of Sidewalk Paving in November   10/15/2009
Local Bus Manufacturer Launches Serial Lectures on Traffic Safety in China   10/15/2009
SIP Logistics Association Holds Inauguration Meeting   10/15/2009
SIP Taiwanese Association Loufeng Branch Founded   10/15/2009
Local Students Visit Times Square and Explore Fun of Jobs at Wee-World   10/14/2009
Local Students Celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Chinese Young Pioneers   10/14/2009
2nd National Seminar on Interlending & Document Supply to Be Held in SIP   10/14/2009
Jiang Hongkun Meets with CAE Delegation to 2nd World Materials Summit   10/14/2009
254 Journalists and Travel Writers from 26 Countries Visit Suzhou   10/14/2009
Second World Materials Summit Kicks Off in SIP   10/13/2009
CAS Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics Passes Preliminary Assessment and Acceptance   10/13/2009
INECE Executive Planning Committee Holds a Meeting in SIP   10/13/2009
32 Prestigious Colleges to Meet 800 Companies for Technological Exchanges   10/13/2009
New Post Office Opens at SIP Xiancheng Square   10/13/2009
The Magic of Transforming Trash into Treasure   10/12/2009
What's on at SSCAC: Hayao Miyazaki Animation Film Scores Concert on Oct. 24   10/12/2009
SIP Public Transport System Carries 1,188,700 Person-Times during Holidays   10/12/2009
SIP Xincheng Garden Primary School Holds 11th Sports Meet   10/12/2009
Nata Opto-Electronic Material Leads the Third Lighting Revolution   10/10/2009
Suzhou Receives 4M Tourists and 3,490M Yuan during 8-Day Public Holidays   10/10/2009
Jinji Lake Becomes a Popular Resort during the Golden Week of National Day Holiday   10/10/2009
Crown Plaza Suzhou Passes National Five-Star Review   10/10/2009
30 Floats to Arrive at SSCAC   10/10/2009
Auspiciousness across SIP during the National Day Holiday   10/09/2009
Waterscape Performance by Jinji Lake to Celebrate the National Day   10/03/2009
Foreign Friends Express Congratulations on China's Birthday   10/03/2009
HDSC Holds the 6th Sports Meet to Promote Team Spirit   09/30/2009
SIP Students Dedicate a 13-meter-long Painting to the 60th National Day   09/30/2009
Suzhou-Nantong Science & Technology Park Starts Phase One Construction   09/30/2009
Mayor Yan Meets with Wal-Mart China CEO and Schneider Electric China VP   09/30/2009
The Eighth eMEX Suzhou to be Held on October 22-25   09/30/2009
The First Municipal Training Base for Service Outsourcing Industry Settles in SIP   09/30/2009
Two SIP Infrastructure Projects to be Completed by End of the Year   09/29/2009
Exhibition on Achievements of Jiangsu Opens in Nanjing to Mark the 60th National Day   09/29/2009
22 Singapore NYPS Students Attend Suzhou Immersion Program 2009   09/29/2009
SIP No. 5 Middle School Launches Theme Activities in Celebration of National Day   09/29/2009
Suzhou Incity Plaza Opens   09/28/2009
Local Companies Grant Scholarship and Reward to IVT Students and Faculties   09/28/2009
SIP Communities Hold Moon Festival Theme Activities   09/28/2009
SIP Puts on Festival Attire to Celebrate the PRC's 60th Birthday   09/27/2009
2009 Crabs in One Steamer Shared by 2009 People   09/27/2009
Suzhou Natong Bionanotechnology Makes a Fortune with Small Needles   09/27/2009
The Tour Guide in Your Cell Phone   09/27/2009
Samsung Celebrates the First Anniversary of SESS Global Distribution Center   09/27/2009
SIP City Management Bureau Promotes the Construction of Sanitary Facilities   09/27/2009
Beijing Capital Development Launches the First Green Community in Suzhou   09/26/2009
Water and Firework Shows on Jinji Lake during the Holidays   09/26/2009
SIP Introduces Local Tourist Attractions at China Tourism Industries Festival   09/25/2009
SESS Holds the 4th Foreign Languages Competition   09/25/2009
First National Flag Class Kicks off at SIP Xincheng Garden Primary School   09/25/2009
Foreign Residents Visit Seniors at Local Day Care Center   09/25/2009
OPW of Dover Group Holds Completion Ceremony for its New Factory in SIP   09/24/2009
Suzhou Lifestyle Expo to be Held at International Expo Center during Holidays   09/24/2009
Suez Environment to Build a Sludge Drying Factory in SIP   09/24/2009
Valve World Asia Conference & Expo 2009 Convenes in SIP   09/24/2009
What's on at SSCAC: The 60th Anniversary of China Gala Concert on September 30   09/24/2009
The RUC Moves Part of Its Sino-French Finance Master Program to Suzhou   09/23/2009
50 Companies Register for the 2nd Car-Free Day Relay Campaign in SIP   09/23/2009
What's on at SSCAC: Public Lecture and the Lipman Harp Duo on Oct. 1   09/23/2009
Selenium-Rich Yangcheng Lake Crabs Marketed on September 22   09/23/2009
SIP Extracurricular Education Central Station Founded at Youth & Children Centre   09/23/2009
Suzhou Daily Press Group Announces Top 10 Star Housing Projects   09/23/2009
SIP Connected to Provincial Online Taxation Management System   09/23/2009
BME Delegation Visits SIP   09/23/2009
College students Covered by Urban Medical Insurance System   09/23/2009
CIQSZ Empowered with 3C Exemption and Certificate Renewal   09/22/2009
Experiencing Global Warming in the Skin of a Polar Bear   09/22/2009
Eight Local Companies Donate 150,000 Yuan to Help 70 Students   09/22/2009
Crabbing Starts in Yangcheng Lake   09/22/2009
C2C Platform Helps to Fulfill the Dream of Starting a Small Business   09/22/2009
Flowerbeds of Riotous Colors for National Day   09/22/2009
SIP Cultural Complex to Open on National Day   09/22/2009
SZQC Announces 24 Light Rail Station Names for Public Scrutiny   09/22/2009
Dushu Lake Sports Center Undertakes the First College PE Outsourcing Case in China   09/22/2009
Dushu Lake Library Holds Exhibition on Family History of Mao Zedong   09/22/2009
Harmony Primary School Unveils Nameplate in Wubu County   09/20/2009
Marks of Origin: the Protection of Quality Exported Products   09/20/2009
Shield Machine in Left Line Starts from Island A for Xinggang St. Station   09/20/2009
SIP Inspects Urban Gas Use to Ensure Safety   09/18/2009
Moon Cake Tasting & DIY at Times Square on Sep. 19   09/18/2009
Old Buses Refitted into Moving Toilet in SIP   09/18/2009
The Founding of a Republic Premieres at SSCAC on September 16   09/18/2009
SIP Holds 31st Lakeside Forum on Interpersonal Relationship   09/17/2009
Weiwei Tingting Brand Yangcheng Lake Crabs to Enter Market on September 26   09/17/2009
What's on at SSCAC: Taming of the Shrew and Grand Gala by Stuttgart Ballet on October 16-18   09/17/2009
SIP Bo'ai School Students Attend Care & Rehabilitation Expo China 2009 in Beijing   09/17/2009
SIP Holds the 3rd Finance Forum to Bridge Financial Institutes and SMEs   09/16/2009
Signalits Technology Launches Patented Vehicle Anti-Theft System   09/16/2009
SSIS "Kills Two Birds" with New Energy Project   09/16/2009
SIP Breakfast Stalls to Offer Free Reusable Shopping Bags from September 20   09/16/2009
Carrefour Initiates Direct Rural Supply Model to Secure Food Safety   09/16/2009
Suzhou Public Vocational Skill Training Base Opens and 1,000 College Graduates Skill Reserve Program Activates   09/16/2009
Indulging Your Taste Buds during China (Suzhou) Food Festival   09/16/2009
SIPITS Passes Provincial Assessment for 4-Star Secondary Vocational School   09/16/2009
Lyuba, a Big Fan of Chinese Fan Dance   09/16/2009
Suzhou to Accelerate Economic Transformation and Upgrading   09/15/2009
SIP Schools on High Alert against A/H1N1 Influenza   09/15/2009
SIP Neighborhood Centers Hold Food Festival on September 11-22   09/15/2009
Chefang Central Kindergarten Opens in Loufeng Town   09/15/2009
SIP Initiates Quality Project at Hudong Community   09/15/2009
Suzhou Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University Opens for New School Year   09/15/2009
Zekrollah Aflatuni Volunteers to Teach English for Eight Years in Suzhou   09/14/2009
Suzhou Mayor Meets with Japanese BTMU President   09/14/2009
Suzhou Reserves 10,000 Boxes of Tamiflu for A/H1N1 Flu Treatment and Prevention   09/14/2009
Free Tour Bus Service Available around Jinji Lake during National Day Holiday   09/13/2009
Harmony Group Wins Industry Advancement Corporation Award of China Shopping Center Bi-Decade Honors   09/13/2009
SIP Promotes Toursim at 2009 China (Jinan) International Tourism Fair & China Eco-Recreation Tourism Expo   09/13/2009
Deka Culture & Media to Launch the First Voice Museum in China   09/13/2009
The 4th Asia Enterprise Application (EA) and IT Service Forum Focuses Global IT on SIP   09/11/2009
AMD Suzhou Starts Solar and Wind Energy Power Generation Project   09/11/2009
Seven SIP Projects Get National Natural Science Funds   09/11/2009
Local Company Wins Logistics Outstanding Contribution Award   09/11/2009
New School Year Starts with Military Training   09/11/2009
SIP Holds Meeting to Stress the Importance of Education for another Leap Growth   09/10/2009
The Third Waste Transfer Station in China-Singapore Cooperation Area Completed   09/10/2009
SIP to Build Three Schools to Optimize Local Education Resources   09/09/2009
SIP-IVT to Build New Campus in Education Innovation Park   09/09/2009
Zhang Xinsheng Visits RUC International College in Suzhou   09/09/2009
Pension for SIP Land-Requisitioned Peasant Raised to 430 RMB Each Month   09/09/2009
Summer Gourmet Festival at SIP Neighborhood Centers on September 11-22   09/09/2009
Asia EA Forum to Be Held in Suzhou International Science Park on September 11-12   09/09/2009
SIP to Build National Innovation Science Park in Three Years   09/09/2009
Xinzhen Community Library in Weiting Town Opens Freely to Local Residents   09/09/2009
SIP Animation and Game Platform Introduces New Intel and Maya Technologies   09/08/2009
Suzhou to Celebrate the 60th National Day with a Series of Performances   09/08/2009
International College (Suzhou Research Institute), RUC Opens   09/07/2009
Vehicle Management Services Available in SIP   09/07/2009
Suzhou Software Testing Center Publicizes Oracle Information Safety Technology   09/07/2009
Genway Group Wins Four Titles as one of Top 20 Suzhou Real Estate Companies   09/07/2009
Dongcheng Intelligent Network Technology Develops Special LED Display for 2010 Expo Shanghai   09/07/2009
SIP and SZSE Join Hands in Fostering Listed Companies   09/06/2009
Suzhou Hesheng Special Material Listed in Shenzhen Stock Market   09/06/2009
Suzhou Governmental Delegation Visits Shenzhen   09/06/2009
The 3rd China International Logistics Technology & Services Expo Opens in Suzhou   09/04/2009
Wal-Mart Opens SIP Store   09/04/2009
SIP Farm Produces Test Center Opens to Ensure Food Safety   09/04/2009
Auto Suzhou 2009 at International Expo Center on September 3-7   09/04/2009
RUC International College Celebrates the First Open Day in Suzhou   09/03/2009
Online Provident Fund Contribution Services Now Available in SIP   09/03/2009
SIP Records 14% Increase of Tax Contributed by Non-Resident Companies   09/03/2009
SIP Authorities Identify 38 Hidden Fire Hazards in Cybercafés   09/03/2009
SIP Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Industry HR Club Holds Second Meeting   09/03/2009
Expo Com Ltd Innovates Exhibition Mode by Bridging Buyers and Suppliers   09/02/2009
Supreme People's Court President Encourages SIP Judges to Serve the People   09/02/2009
The Community Population Cultural Center Set Up   09/02/2009
SIP Introduces International Education Programs to Central China   09/02/2009
SIP Realizes Intelligent Management of Photo Gallery   09/02/2009
What's on at SSCAC: The Melody of the Earth on September 26   09/02/2009
A Modest Attitude of Learning from Singapore Helps SIP to Succeed   09/01/2009
CCTV Broadcasts the 6th Cartoon Series Produced by Suzhou Animation Company   09/01/2009
SIP Releases Biological Agents to Control Landscape Plant Pests   09/01/2009
SIP Launches 40-Day Annual Blood Donation Campaign   09/01/2009
Underground Business Complex at Xinghai Street Progresses Steadily   09/01/2009
Suzhou Holds the First Zorro Cup Juniors' Fencing Competition   09/01/2009
SIP Photonics & Communications Industries Alliance Association Founded   09/01/2009
Five Suzhou Venture Investment Companies Qualified to Apply for State Innovation Fund   09/01/2009
SIP Takes the Lead in Underground Parking Registration and Issuing   09/01/2009
SIP and Town Authorities Buy Advanced Medical Equipment for Loufeng Hospital   09/01/2009
Exotic Scenes at SIP Square Cultural Festival   09/01/2009
Suzhou Institute of Services Outsourcing Offers Four New Majors   08/31/2009
200 Public Bicycles Available in Dushu Lake Higher Education Town   08/31/2009
SIP to Regulate Employment Management and Promote Harmonious Labor Relations   08/31/2009
SIP Integrated Free Trade Zone Grants Special Fund to Support Local Businesses   08/31/2009
Suzhou Registers a Three-Year Record Investment Growth in First 7 Months   08/31/2009
SIP to Hold the 3rd Finance Forum on September 15   08/31/2009
Tamasaburo to Perform China-Japan Version of The Peony Pavilion in Shanghai   08/31/2009
SIP Grants 672,000 Yuan to 740 Needy Students   08/31/2009
Shenzhen Kaifa Technology Launches Suzhou Project Phase 2 in SIP   08/31/2009
Jiangsu Blood Center to Be Equipped with Bestbay Dry-Slide Quick Blood Tester   08/28/2009
Jincheng to Market the First Selenium-Rich Yangcheng Lake Crabs   08/28/2009
Suzhou Light Rail Line 1 Left Underwater Tunnel Dug through to Island A   08/28/2009
Underground Construction of Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway SIP Station Completed   08/28/2009
Letting Romance Blossom on the 7th Night of the 7Th Lunar Month   08/28/2009
SIP Grows in Height and Vitality   08/28/2009
Mayor Yan Li Surveys the MRT-Bus Interchange Station in Singapore   08/27/2009
RT-Mart Donghuan Store to Compete with Auchan, Carrefour, and Wal-Mart   08/27/2009
Two SISPARK Companies Win 2009 China IT Awards   08/27/2009
China's First Smart Grid Operation Service Provider to Base in Weiting Town   08/27/2009
Flowserve China Donates a Calligraphy & Painting Classroom to SIP School   08/27/2009
Suzhou to Invest 4.6B RMB in Building 27 Commercial Streets   08/27/2009
Executive Vice Mayor of Suzhou Meets Flowserve's President Lewis M. Kling   08/26/2009
China-Singapore SIP Joint Steering Council Holds a Press Release   08/26/2009
The Christian Church by Dushu Lake to Open by the End of the Year   08/26/2009
The 5th SIP Square Cultural Festival Opens on August 25   08/26/2009
325 Suzhou Higer Buses Create a Guinness World Record in Qatar   08/26/2009
BioBay Investor Forum 2009 Held in Suzhou   08/26/2009
Kindergarten of Higher Education Town to Open on September 1   08/26/2009
Auto Suzhou 2009 and Logistics Tech 2009 to be Held in Early September   08/25/2009
Provincial Conference on Fire Prevention and Safety Standardization Management Held in SIP   08/25/2009
Provincial Experts Praise SINANO for Integrating Research with Application   08/25/2009
Suzhou Youth & Children Centre Holds a Robot Show   08/25/2009
Local Authority Distributes 100,000 Safety Manuals to Electric Bicycle Owners   08/25/2009
What's on at SSCAC: A Concert of Romance by TPO on September 5   08/25/2009
Little Hands Make Delicious Fruit Bowl at Community Summer Class   08/25/2009
Suzhou Organizes Public Donations to Help Typhoon-Affected South Taiwan   08/25/2009
China, Singapore hold joint council meeting for bilateral co-op   08/25/2009
China, Singapore need to explore new cooperation areas   08/25/2009
Suzhou Industrial Park Founds SME Service Center   08/24/2009
The Glass Roof of Suhong Building Starts to Generate Electricity   08/24/2009
Local Technical School Wins National Invention Grand Prix   08/24/2009
Weiting Town Cracks down on Illegal Job Agencies and Rectifies Illegal Practices   08/24/2009
Deep Fried Glutinous Rice & Crab Meat Listed as Top 10 Rural Dishes in Suzhou   08/24/2009
SIP Local Tax Bureau Adopts Four Measures to Improve Hotline Services   08/23/2009
SIP Court Actively Implements Legal Relief System   08/23/2009
25 SIP Offices donate 268,000 Yuan to Taiwan People Affected by Morakot   08/23/2009
Municipal Party Leader Urges SIP to Speed up Upgrading and Take the Lead in Growing   08/21/2009
New Municipal Party Secretary on Investigation Tour of SIP   08/21/2009
Soochow Securities Donates 500,000 RMB to Disaster-hit Taiwan Compatriots   08/21/2009
China's First Low AF Communication Project to Base in Shengpu Town   08/21/2009
Dushu Lake Higher Education Town Allies With Multinational Corporation   08/21/2009
SIP Labor and Social Security Bureau Offers HR Menu Training Programs   08/21/2009
SIP Cracks Down on Illegal Sale of Fireworks and Firecrackers without License   08/21/2009
Suzhou Venture Group Has First Company Listed in A-Share Stock Market   08/21/2009
Suzhou Industrial Park, a Paradise for Birds   08/21/2009
Traditional and Modern, a Harmonious Coexistence in SIP   08/21/2009
CCTV "Topics in Focus" Decodes the Secret of SIP's Success   08/20/2009
Jiang Hongkun Appointed as CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee Secretary   08/20/2009
Moon Bay Business Complex to Be Completed by the End of 2010   08/20/2009
Double-Sided Embroidery Makes Way into City Sculpture   08/20/2009
Dextrys Avid Offshore Development Center Opens   08/19/2009
50% off on IMAX Movies at SSCAC for Pacific Card Holders   08/19/2009
SIP to Build 15 New TD Base Stations   08/19/2009
Dushu Lake Theater to Become the First Digital Cinema in Suzhou   08/19/2009
Long Line of Taxies Waiting outside SIP Residential Area   08/19/2009
Chinese vice premier to visit Singapore   08/19/2009
Shield Machine Leaves Island A for Xinggang Street Station   08/18/2009
Building Environment-Friendly Suzhou Section of Beijing-Shanghai Express Rail   08/18/2009
Children's Hospital to Open Up SIP Branch   08/18/2009
What's on at SSCAC: Sa Chen Piano Recital on September 12   08/18/2009
China Guanghua Foundation to Build an International Design Base in Suzhou   08/18/2009
Vowing Fidelity in the Hot-Air Balloon Wedding   08/18/2009
Foreigners Learn the Craft of Hand-woven Silk Tapestry   08/18/2009
Weiting Town Creates a New Eco-Paradise   08/17/2009
Canadian Finance Minster Visits Suzhou   08/17/2009
Suzhou Light Rail Line 2 Obtains Construction Permit   08/14/2009
Shihui Community Salutes the Coming National Day with a Collection Exhibition   08/14/2009
Local Company Introduces Mini Roof-Mounted Solar Power System   08/14/2009
Suzhou Founds the First Traffic Accident Mediation Office   08/14/2009
A Giant Windmill Debuts in Aeolian Park   08/14/2009
A Brand New Look of Fire Hydrants in SIP   08/14/2009
AMD 2009 Summer Camp Attracts 24 Students from Prestigious Universities   08/14/2009
SIP Holds Theme Picture Exhibition to Promote Public Awareness on Fitness   08/13/2009
SIP Labor Supervision Team Helps Local Companies to Prevent Labor Risks   08/13/2009
Suzhou Institute of Nano-Tech and Nano-Bionics Passes Equipment Test   08/13/2009
China Mobile Suzhou and Ferris Wheel Park Promise You a Romantic Night   08/13/2009
The 2nd Jiangnan Jiajie Cup Badminton & Table Tennis Friendship Match Concluded   08/13/2009
SIP Provident Fund Management Center Introduces Online Display on Queuing   08/12/2009
23 Film Experts Gather at SSCAC for the 27th Golden Rooster Awards Nomination   08/12/2009
Prompt Measures to Protect Against Typhoon Morakot   08/12/2009
Young Volunteers from Qinyuan Community Clean Up the Lawn   08/12/2009
IC Entrepreneurs Salon Promotes Exchanges   08/12/2009
Roof of Suzhou's Tallest Building Sealed on August 10   08/11/2009
Happy Running Cartoon & Animation Festival Held in Suzhou   08/11/2009
Pedaling Hard in Mass Spinning   08/11/2009
Chibi Maruko Musical Conquers Local Fans during the Weekend   08/11/2009
Cartoon on the Electronic Display Screen to Promote Civility   08/10/2009
SIP Station to Become a Transfer Hub in Yangtze River Delta Area   08/10/2009
Gold Huasheng Paper Invests 34M CNY in Environmental Protection Project   08/10/2009
Two More Sculptural Works in SIP Win National Awards   08/10/2009
SIP Primary School Promotes Exchanges with Sister School in Tibet   08/10/2009
SIP to Introduce China's Only Low Attenuation Communication Fiber Project   08/09/2009
Innovation and Market Development Help Sujing Group Grow against Recession   08/07/2009
Suzhou PetroChina Kunlun Towngas Project to Ensure Energy Supply in SIP   08/07/2009
Global 188 Center Makes a Hit of Sales   08/07/2009
BioVention Aims to be a Leading Hi-Tech Medical Device Manufacturer in China   08/06/2009
Another Local 3-D Animation Movie to Premiere on August 21   08/06/2009
Derlook Suzhou Plaza to Hold Shopping Festival on August 8-9   08/06/2009
Suzhou eMEX 2009 to be Held on October 22   08/06/2009
SIP to Grant Subsidies on Intellectual Property Achievements   08/05/2009
Foreign Resident Volunteers to Maintain Traffic Order   08/05/2009
SIP Companies Attend Wuhan Commodity Fair at Government Expense   08/04/2009
Singaporeans in Suzhou Celebrate 44th Singapore National Day   08/04/2009
These Boys and Girls Have Got Talent for Dancing   08/04/2009
Suzhou Forum Week on Equipment Manufacturing to Promote Industrial Upgrading   08/04/2009
CYTS Favors Suzhou, the City of Canals   08/04/2009
Treasuring Precious Water Drops   08/04/2009
Shengpu Town Defines the First Rural Restricted Traffic Zone in SIP   08/03/2009
SIP Leaders Give Warm Greetings to Army Units Stationed in Suzhou   08/03/2009
Over 600 Employees of Knowles Electronics (Suzhou) Volunteer to Donate Blood   08/03/2009
Suzhou Student Wins the First Prize at a National Competition   08/03/2009
120 Foreign Army Officers Enjoys Su Show at SSCAC   08/03/2009
Lhasa Intends to Adapt Experience from SIP   08/03/2009
A Cool Oasis under Ferris Wheel   08/03/2009
SIP Industry Association Joint Office Holds a Meeting to Explain New Policies   07/31/2009
SIP Court Ensures Healthy Real Estate Market with Active Judicial Administration   07/31/2009
Tourism and Consumption Economy Recovering in SIP   07/31/2009
Hanlinyuan Community Publishes Job Information in Elevators   07/31/2009
Hudong Community Encourages Residents to Create Household Dossier   07/31/2009
Lotus Flowers   07/31/2009
Geneimmune Biotechnology Develops New Product against Flu-A Virus   07/30/2009
Jiuguang Department Store Invites You to Transformer Activities   07/30/2009
Bapple Donuts & Coffee Delights Gourmets at Harmony Times Square   07/30/2009
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Enrolls 1,000 Freshmen This Year   07/30/2009
SIP Cracks Down on Illegal Medical Practice   07/30/2009
Tiancheng Community Publicizes Honest and Clean Governance   07/30/2009
Working Parents Trust Their Kids with Summer Boarding Camps   07/29/2009
2009 SIP Middle and Primary School Youth Camp on Ballad Singing and Kunqu Opens   07/29/2009
Feng Yun Online and Jiangsu Virtual Software Park to Build the First Provincial SaaS Platform   07/29/2009
SIP Produces Two More Excellent Domestic Animations   07/29/2009
State Administration of Taxation SIP Office Further Simplifies Taxation Procedures   07/29/2009
First SIP Company Gets Special Subsidy to Secure Jobs   07/29/2009
Shanghai-Jiangsu Virtual Port Clearance Proved Fruitful   07/29/2009
SIP Local Tax Bureau Introduces Green Channel for Foreign Taxpayers   07/28/2009
Angel Fund to Invest in 10 Projects This Year   07/28/2009
100 Projects to Get Venture Capital in 2H09   07/28/2009
Shield Machine Reaches Island A: a Milestone Progress of Underwater Tunnel   07/28/2009
Cell Phone Movie Tickets Appear in Suzhou   07/28/2009
SIP Explores Service Outsourcing Education Program   07/28/2009
2008 Top 100 International Freight Forwarders and Logistics Providers in China to Be Announced   07/28/2009
SuzhouExpo: Conventional Wisdom   07/28/2009
Logistics Forum Names Top Forwarders   07/28/2009
SIP Local Tax Bureau Introduces Online Navigation Service to Taxpayers   07/27/2009
The Beauty of Harmony   07/27/2009
SIP Economy in Steady Recovery   07/27/2009
SIP Helps Suzhou-Suqian Industrial Park to Train Employees   07/27/2009
Local Authorities Check on Commercial Swimming Facilities in the City   07/27/2009
20 Innovation Projects Compete at DEMO CHINA (Suzhou)   07/27/2009
Suzhou Institute of Nanjing University Founded on July 24   07/27/2009
Municipal Quality Test Center Offers One-Stop Services to Enterprises   07/24/2009
New Looks of an Ancient Bridge   07/24/2009
A Cool Oasis under Aerial Screen   07/24/2009
A Leisure Break by the Lake   07/24/2009
New GM of Microsoft DPE Sector Visits SIP   07/24/2009
Top 100 International Shipping Agents and Logistic Operators in China to be Revealed in Suzhou   07/23/2009
SIP Integrated FreeTrade Zone's Economy Keeps Stable and Rallies in the First Half of the Year   07/23/2009
Suzhou Dushu Lake Higher Education Town Publicizes Supportive Policies   07/23/2009
Frequent Flaming Summer Clouds in Suzhou Indicates Better Air Quality   07/23/2009
What's on at SSCAC: Recital by Violinist Shu Lee & Pianist Phillip Shovk in August   07/23/2009
Local Astronomy Enthusiasts Experience Total Solar Eclipse in Heavy Rain   07/23/2009
SIP Chorus Wins Silver Prize at Oriental Concentus II International Choral Festival   07/23/2009
All-inclusive Sun-Watching at SSCAC on July 22   07/22/2009
SIP Customs to Ensure Clearance during Total Solar Eclipse   07/22/2009
Shengpu Investment Promotion Center Introduces a Message Communication Platform   07/22/2009
The Delegation of Latin American Parliament Visits Suzhou   07/22/2009
SIP Authorities Launch a Survey on Administration Efficiency and Service Quality   07/22/2009
Hudong Community Kids Wield the Sword of Justice   07/22/2009
SIP Opens the First Rural Microcredit Co.   07/22/2009
Huge Observation Mirror at Ligong Causeway Invites You to Total Solar Eclipse   07/21/2009
Suzhou Launches a Contest to Build E-commerce Platform and Create More Jobs   07/21/2009
SIP Listed as an Innovation and Business Base for Overseas High-Level Talents   07/21/2009
The 6th Session of International Youth Camp on Chinese World Heritage Opens   07/21/2009
The Lucky Ferris Wheel under the Starry Sky during Weekend   07/21/2009
Scarlet Pub Opens a Flagship Bar at Ligong Causeway Fashion Block   07/21/2009
SISPARK Maintains Steady Economic Growth in the First Half of This Year   07/20/2009
Suzhou Government Creates a Favorable Environment for Economic Growth   07/20/2009
The More Environment-Friendly Sewage Treatment Plant   07/20/2009
Suzhou Kinglong Gets 1.1M Yuan Subsidies on Exhibition Booth   07/20/2009
SIP Huxi Community Launches the first 3D Online Police Station   07/20/2009
SIP to Cooperate with HP in Building a Software Outsourcing Service Center   07/20/2009
Local Roller Skater Creates New Popular Sports Record in China   07/20/2009
SIP Labor Supervision Team Inspects Labor Protection under High Temperature   07/20/2009
Sanitation Workers Sweat for a Clean City   07/20/2009
Thank You, Police Officers   07/20/2009
SIP to Regulate Street Economy by Building Street Vendor Centers   07/17/2009
Gong Zongyang and His Team Win Youth Elite Contest on Starting Business in Suzhou   07/17/2009
Indigenous Rural Charm in Modern Suzhou   07/17/2009
Suzhou In City Shopping Mall Houses 150 Retail Stores   07/17/2009
What's on at SSCAC: Song Siheng Multimedia Piano Concert on July 17   07/17/2009
What's on at SSCAC: Chibi Maruko Musical by Hikosen on August 7-9   07/17/2009
Suzhou Keeps Leading Position in Attracting Foreign Investment in 1H09   07/16/2009
China's Most Influential Science & Innovation Contest to be held in SISPARK   07/16/2009
Local Students Prepare for Live Broadcast of Solar Eclipse   07/16/2009
Tibetan Natural Sources Under spotlight among Suzhou Entrepreneurs   07/16/2009
Moon Harbor, a Night Entertainment Paradise by Jinji Lake, to Open This Year   07/16/2009
Ferris Wheel Park Extends Service Hours till 21:00 during Summer Weekends   07/16/2009
Group Sculpture of Music Performers Adorns Jinji Lake   07/16/2009
China's First Bio-Med Association at City Level Founded in Suzhou   07/15/2009
Higer Coach Honored as Product Exempted from Export Inspection   07/15/2009
Dextrys Launches Talent Project 211   07/15/2009
SIPAC Director Meets Japanese Deputy Consul-General in Shanghai   07/15/2009
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Premieres at SSCAC this Midnight   07/14/2009
The Happy Summer Vacation   07/14/2009
Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou Welcomes Returned Scholars   07/14/2009
Competition among International Supermarkets in SIP Heats Up   07/14/2009
SIP Sends First Reserve Executives to CELAP for Leadership Training Programs   07/14/2009
Gasket (Suzhou) Valve Components Co., Ltd. to Enter Weiting Town   07/14/2009
Kuatang Bridge Automatic Water Quality Monitoring Station in Operation   07/14/2009
8 Financing Warehouses to be opened in Suzhou   07/13/2009
SIP Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Office Reduces or Remits 5.1M Fees in 1H   07/13/2009
SIP Enterprises to Experiment the Cap-and-Trade Emissions Trading System   07/13/2009
2009 Organo Water Prize Granted at Dushu Lake Library   07/13/2009
Welcome to the Jinji Lake Night Tour   07/13/2009
Diploma Company Listed as a Dining Supplier for World Expo Shanghai 2010   07/12/2009
Lan Resort & Spa Suzhou honored with Five Stars   07/12/2009
Splashes of Joy   07/10/2009
Horizon Resort Encourages Foreign Residents to Attend Realty Owners' Committee Election   07/10/2009
SIP Listed as National Demonstration Park on IPR Protection   07/10/2009
SIP Opens the First Rural Microcredit Company   07/10/2009
Dushu Lake Library Organizes Astronomical Observation Activity   07/10/2009
Software Tycoon Cisco Opens a Branch in SISPark   07/09/2009
The 16th IPFA Convenes in Suzhou   07/09/2009
Double-Piano Symphony Scheduled on July 25 at SSCAC   07/09/2009
Municipal Government Tightens Air Pollution Control and Bans Stalk Burning in Six Areas   07/08/2009
Suzhou Beautycos International Holds a Speech Contest to Elaborate Green Concepts   07/08/2009
SESS Volunteer Teams Help Kids from Local Poverty-Stricken Families   07/08/2009
Suzhou Achieves 260 Million US Dollars from Offshore Outsourcing Contracts in 1H09   07/08/2009
Locals Spend the Most on Housing and Promotes Consumption Market in Suzhou   07/08/2009
Suzhou Public On-Job Training Base to be Completed in September   07/08/2009
Underwater Tunnel to Connect with Island A Middle Air Shaft on July 10   07/08/2009
USTC and SIP Cooperate in Building Suzhou Science Park   07/08/2009
2009 International Auto Industry and Technology Conference Held in Suzhou   07/08/2009
Local Company Sponsors the Second Event of 2009 CRC to be Held in Beijing   07/08/2009
SIP Holds Seminar on IC Design and Dealership to Prepare for IC China 2009   07/08/2009
Samsung Electronics Suzhou LCD Holds a Workshop Discussing Growth Strategy   07/08/2009
SIP Hi-Tech SMEs Benefit from State Innovation Fund   07/08/2009
SIP Obtains 110 Million RMB Financial Support for 42 Companies   07/08/2009
The First Foreign-Invested Investment Co. Approved by Provincial Bureau Settles in SIP   07/08/2009
Unison Engine Components (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Carries Out the Green Match Activity with SIP No. 5 Middle School   07/08/2009
SIP Achieves 990 Million Financial Revenue by June   07/04/2009
SIP Xinghai School Launches Summer Project to Improve Local Traffic Culture   07/04/2009
SIP Opens Legal Aid Center and Law Education & Publicization Base to Serve the Public   07/04/2009
Events Calendar during Summer Vacation in SIP   07/04/2009
The 8th Suzhou eMEX to Be Held in October   07/03/2009
Cool Summer, Cool Ice Cream!   07/03/2009
Nabari City Council Delegation Visits Suzhou   07/03/2009
Suzhou's First ACG Life Store Opens at Times Square   07/03/2009
Measures on Subsidizing SIP Enterprises in Difficulties to Secure Jobs: An Interpretation of the New Policy   07/03/2009
SIP Demolishes the Toll Station of Shengpu Bridge   07/03/2009
Suzhou Social Security Begins Roaming from July 1   07/02/2009
Quality Assured for Barreled Drinking Water in Suzhou   07/02/2009
East-of-lake Summer Camp Opens from July 1 to August 31   07/02/2009
Wang Jinhua Meets Guests from Singapore   07/02/2009
SIP Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Office Evaluates its Performance   07/01/2009
Shengpu Promotes Enterprise Coordination to Seek Business Opportunities   07/01/2009
Ten Public Observation Sites Selected for Solar Eclipse   07/01/2009
Scottish Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra Concert at SSCAC   07/01/2009
CSSD Unveils Its New Name   07/01/2009
SIPHRD Introduces Preferential Policies in "Promoting Employment and Sustaining Growth"   06/30/2009
Double Sources Secure Water Supply in 11 Cities Including Suzhou   06/30/2009
SISPARK Encourages Exchanges among Entrepreneurs   06/30/2009
Documentary My Suzhou Home: the Art Fascinates Foreign Audience   06/30/2009
Summer Classes to Open for Children with Working Parents   06/30/2009
SIP Holds a Meeting Commemorating 88th Birthday of CPC and Promoting Party Building in Non-State-Owned Enterprises   06/30/2009
Go Karting at Suzhou Ferris Wheel Park   06/30/2009
The Crazy Yoga   06/30/2009
Enjoy the Robot Show at SIP Youth & Children Centre   06/30/2009
Children Draw Pictures of Their Home   06/30/2009
Clearance upon Pre-declaration Integrated Bonded Zone Offers Efficient Logistics Solution   06/30/2009
Planned CBD Area and New Town Create Golden Economy in SIP   06/29/2009
Another 10KV Power Cable Upgrade Project Accomplished in SIP   06/29/2009
Exhibition industry spurs Suzhou's economic growth   06/29/2009
Incentive package sees SIEC business levels soar   06/29/2009
Animation Industry Booms in Suzhou International Science Park   06/29/2009
Enjoying the Summer Vacation at Times Square   06/29/2009
Two Made-in-Suzhou Cartoon Series Become Regular Prime-Time Shows on CCTV   06/26/2009
Rayli Home Cooperates with Boloni in Launching 09 Soft Decoration Show on 28   06/26/2009
Virtual Port and Express Customs Clearance Proved Effective and Efficient   06/26/2009
Connoisseur Clock Showcased in Suzhou   06/26/2009
Samsung China Donates 150,000 Yuan to Help Local Cataract Patients   06/26/2009
Suzhou Sirnaomics Develops RNA Drug STP702 against Influenza A   06/25/2009
Local Police Cracks Down on Drug-Related Crimes and Mobilizes Community Efforts   06/25/2009
SESS Volunteers Remove Floating Wastes in Taihu Lake   06/25/2009
Decathlon to Open the First Store in Suzhou on July 1   06/25/2009
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Premieres at SSCAC in Midnight on June 24   06/25/2009
Seven SIP's Projects Recognized as 2008 Key National New Drug R&D Projects   06/24/2009
SIP Promotes IT with Special Fund to Help 130 Companies Save 20 Million RMB   06/24/2009
Suzhou Towngas Removes Two Spherical LPG Tanks and to Use Four Spare Tanks   06/24/2009
Photographic Event Helps to Promote "Three Treasures of Shengpu"   06/24/2009
Wisdom Island to Appear on CCTV Children's Channel   06/24/2009
SIP Educates Probationary CPC Members with a Special Tour and Oath-Taking   06/24/2009
HR Managers of Japanese Companies Gather to Discuss Employment Risk Control   06/24/2009
Suzhou Sirnaomics Recruits Professional Think Tank to Study RNA Drugs   06/23/2009
SIP Unveils the Statue of Ancient Magistrate to Eulogize Clean Administration   06/23/2009
The Romance of West Chamber by Northern Kunqu Opera Troupe at SSCAC   06/23/2009
SIP Bio & Nano Technology Development Co., Ltd. (BioBay)   06/23/2009
New Measures to Support Enterprises: e-Logbook, e-Handbook and Subsidies   06/23/2009
Under-Lake Tunneling of Suzhou Light Rail Line 1 Is Halfway Through   06/23/2009
Snail Game Develops USD1B 3D Virtual Cyberspace by Introducing the 1st Virtual Business   06/22/2009
SIP Launches Price Supervision and Service Network   06/22/2009
Shengpu Traffic and Patrol Police Division Founded to Safeguard Road Safety   06/22/2009
Suzhou HiPiKids Technology Presents 3G Products and Services at 7th CISIS   06/20/2009
SIP and Swiss Lucerne State Sign MOU on Partnership   06/20/2009
A 30-Member Volunteer Patrol Safeguards SIP Golf Community   06/19/2009
Register for AMD Cup Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest Now   06/19/2009
SIP Environmental Protection Bureau Initiates Theme Design Activities among College Students   06/19/2009
SIP Studies the Impact of Economic Recession on Workforce   06/19/2009
Star Benz Club Carnival and Family Party to be Held at Times Square on Saturday   06/18/2009
Street Lamps Create Unique Road Landscape in SIP   06/18/2009
SIP Cooperates with German BME in Promoting eBusiness   06/17/2009
Taiwan Companies Claim Top Three Exporters   06/17/2009
SISO and QAI Join Hands in Launching First BPO Education Program in China   06/17/2009
Foreign Residents of Linglongwan Community Show Off Talent in Embroidery   06/17/2009
Suzsoft Honored as Top Ten ITO Companies by China Sourcing 2009   06/17/2009
SIP Hudong Community Launches a Promotion Month on Environmental Protection   06/16/2009
Wang Shoujue Bionic Information Technology Research Team Settles in SIP   06/16/2009
Sunyard Software Park Opens in Weiting Town   06/16/2009
Hanlin Square Flea Market Helps to Promote Recycling Consumption   06/16/2009
National Press Corps on Chinese Urban and Rural Ecology (Jiangsu Province) Visits SIP   06/16/2009
To Seize Opportunity of the Textile Industry Adjustment, Heimbach Fabrics Co., Ltd. Opens   06/15/2009
Shahu Venture Capital Center, a Finance Valley among the Greens   06/15/2009
Our School Life at Xingwan Is Happy Everyday   06/15/2009
The Rabbit and the Gun to Entertain Kids with Original Concept of "Game Play"   06/15/2009
Ping An Joins Hands with Local Bank to Introduce Easy Loan Insurance   06/14/2009
Local Research Fellow Attends the 23rd International Conference on Supercomputing   06/14/2009
Hudong Twin Towers Put On a Glassy Appearance   06/14/2009
Suzhou Tourism Association Introduces Six New Tour Routes Covering Eclipse Observation and Major Attractions   06/12/2009
Suzhou Cultural Arts Centre Offers Free Show to 100 Chinese-Foreign Families   06/12/2009
SIP Girl Student Wins the Title of 2009 National Star of Outlook   06/12/2009
Kaleidoscope Art Exhibition by SSIS Opens at Suzhou Cultural Arts Center   06/12/2009
"Miss World" Pageant Attracts Suzhou Beauties   06/11/2009
Welcome to the Open Day of Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University on June 13!   06/11/2009
Local Children Donate Food Money and Double-Sided Embroidered KFC's Mascot to Sichuan Primary scholars   06/11/2009
IMAX Version of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on June 24 at SSCAC   06/11/2009
Suzhou Singapore International School Holds a Charity Auction   06/11/2009
Hotline 12366 Provides Comprehensive Tax Service   06/10/2009
Samsung Companies Pair with Schools to Promote Green Concepts   06/10/2009
Environmental Protection Becomes a Way of Life at Gulou Village, Weiting Town   06/10/2009
Jaguar Land Rover Opens its Largest Asian Spare Parts Distribution Center in SIP   06/10/2009
SSIS International Family Day: Donation Helps Needy Students   06/09/2009
CMBC Suzhou HQ Enters SIP CBD   06/09/2009
Construction of Xinghai St. Underground Business Complex in Full Swing   06/09/2009
Young Players in 20s Excel in Harmony Cup Table Tennis China Open (Suzhou)   06/09/2009
Suzhou Institute of Southeast University Strengthens Academic and Industrial Ties   06/09/2009
Phoenix Communication College of Soochow University to Produce Internationalized Media Professionals   06/09/2009
Provincial Party Secretary Liang Inspects Idea Pump   06/09/2009
Let's Dance with the Beating of Waist-drums   06/09/2009
SIP Neighborhood Center Development Company Expands to Taicang Port   06/09/2009
SIP Holds Preparatory Meeting for the founding of Logistics Industrial Association   06/09/2009
Suzhou Customs to Resume Import VAT in July   06/07/2009
Scenes of the15th Anniversary Celebration of SIP   06/07/2009
Smith & Nephew Invests 60 Million Dollars and Opens its First Plant in China   06/06/2009
Suzhou Furniture Fair 2009 Opens at International Expo Center   06/06/2009
Local and Foreign Residents of Hudong Community Discuss How to Protect Environment   06/05/2009
Chinese Melody to Be Presented by Foreign Artists at Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre   06/05/2009
Genway Group to Hold Awarding Ceremony for LOHAS Contests   06/05/2009
Avant-Garde Sculptures Modernize SIP's Xiandai Avenue   06/05/2009
Linkstec Software Maintains Ranking in Top 20 Chinese Software Export & Outsourcing Companies   06/05/2009
Dextrys (SIP) Wins Two National Awards on Service Outsourcing   06/04/2009
Fullerton Investment & Credit Guarantee Co. Sets Up Suzhou Branch in SIP   06/04/2009
Teaching Kindergartners the Art of Xuanjuan   06/04/2009
Angling Center Opens at Dushu Lake Higher Education Town   06/04/2009
SIP Financial Revenue Hits 700 Million in May with 5.1% Growth   06/04/2009
Geospatial Information Net to Be Built   06/04/2009
China's First Career Workshop and English Village Opens on Children's Day   06/03/2009
SIPIVT and Samsung LCD Form Strategic Partnership   06/03/2009
Dushu Lake Int'l IPR Forum Held in SIP   06/03/2009
Six Shield Machines on Tunnel Construction of Suzhou Light Rail Line One Project   06/03/2009
China Table Tennis Open Starts in Suzhou   06/03/2009
China's First Generation of Desert Racing Car Made in Suzhou   06/03/2009
SINANO Publicizes Nano Technologies among Students   06/03/2009
SIP Passes National Pollution Source Examination   06/03/2009
Environmental Protection Technology Research Facility Established in SIP   06/02/2009
Xincheng Garden Primary School Celebrates Children's Day and the Conclusion of Its Science & Art Festival   06/02/2009
Chengzong Yin to Hold a Piano Recital at Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Center   06/01/2009
SIP Office SAT Actively Implements Preferential Policies to Ensure Enterprise Growth   06/01/2009
Carrefour Suzhou Calls Public Attention to Children's Food Safety   06/01/2009
Jiangnan Jiajie Obtains SA8000 CR Management Certificate Issued by DNV   06/01/2009
Let the Kids Taste Working   06/01/2009
Dealing with Tough Jobs with 42 Patents   06/01/2009
SINANO and Sony Join Hands in Developing Nano-Sensor   06/01/2009
Hudong Community Becomes Livable and Popular for the Senior   06/01/2009
Duobao Complex to Become a New Highlight of Chongyuan Temple   06/01/2009
"Harmony & Flower"Art Troupe Founded   05/31/2009
Singaporean and Jiangsu Leaders Start Suzhou-Nantong High Tech Park   05/31/2009
Water-Tight Underwater Tunnel and Emergency Exits: On the Safety of Suzhou Light Rail Line 1 Project   05/31/2009
AMD Suzhou Plant Launches 4th Kaizen Week   05/31/2009
SIP Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs Publicizes Laws and Regulations   05/31/2009
Tons of Funs Waiting for Boys and Girls at Times Square   05/30/2009
SIPITS Helps the Youth to Develop Their Career and Make Their Dreams Come True   05/27/2009
Chinese Vice Premier Meets with Singapore Leaders in Suzhou   05/27/2009
Jinji Lake Underwater Tunnel to be Completed One Month ahead of Schedule   05/27/2009
National Library of Singapore Commemorates the 15th Anniversary of SIP   05/27/2009
SIP Court Sends Judges to Local Families for the Convenience of the Principals   05/27/2009
East-of-Lake Community: Joys in Mid-summer Dragon Boat Festival   05/27/2009
SESS Holds ESH Exchange Meeting with Suppliers   05/27/2009
China, Singapore mark 15th anniversary of Suzhou Park   05/27/2009
SIP scripts a success amid odds   05/27/2009
China, Singapore mark 15th anniversary of Suzhou Park, largest joint project   05/27/2009
Three College Science & Technology Parks Initiated in SIP   05/26/2009
Shengpu Holds a Singing Contest to Promote Traditional Legacy of Folk Songs   05/26/2009
Glimpses of Suzhou Youth & Children Centre   05/26/2009
Menglan Group Opens Environment Technology Branch in SIP   05/26/2009
Suzhou Chemical Safety Evaluation Service Opens in SIP   05/26/2009
Singapore Week Brings Exotic Charms to Times Square   05/26/2009
Local Finalists Compete for Dancing Competition Gold Prizes   05/26/2009
SIP, China Telecom Suzhou and Intel (China) Jointly Launch Suzhou IP Communications Laboratory   05/26/2009
China Telecom Suzhou Call Center Opens in Shengpu Town   05/26/2009
Preschoolers Celebrate Children's Day with Talent Show   05/26/2009
Chinese vice premier meets with Singapore leaders   05/26/2009
SIP Holds Collective Signing Ceremony and Rewards 814 Enterprises with 353 Million RMB   05/25/2009
New Facility to Consolidate SSEC's Leading Position in White Appliance Market   05/25/2009
Suzhou Phoenix International Book Mall to Be Constructed in SIP   05/25/2009
China International Fine Arts And Crafts Expo 2009 Held in Suzhou   05/25/2009
Han's Laser's East China Operation HQ and R&D Center Breaks Ground   05/25/2009
To Attract Talents:Talents Apartment Compound in China-Singapore Ecological Science Hub Breaks Ground   05/25/2009
Comments on Suzhou Industrial Park by Local GMs of Leading Companies   05/24/2009
Four Moon Bay Projects Start Construction at the Same Time   05/24/2009
Shenzhen Zhongqing Baowang Network Technology to Construct R&D Base in SIP   05/24/2009
Nison Plaza to be a New Business Highlight in Huxi CBD Area   05/24/2009
Chiral Quest Celebrates the Opening of New Building at BioBay   05/24/2009
SIP Launches a Press Clipping Exhibition Tour to Review its 15-Year Development   05/24/2009
First National Seminar on Software Professional Training held in SISPARK   05/24/2009
SIP to Install Four Security Cameras in Each Bus by the End of the Year   05/24/2009
Welcome to the Times Square Music Week   05/23/2009
SVG Moves to Shahu Venture Capital Center and Welcomes New Members   05/23/2009
A Wall-Climbing Robot Unveils the Opening of Suzhou Boshi Robotics Holds   05/23/2009
Great Research and Industrialization Corporation Inaugurates in SIP   05/23/2009
SIP Has a China Gold-Medal Living Environment Construction Pilot Project   05/22/2009
SIP Inputs the Most Fiscal Resources for Technological Progress in Jiangsu Province   05/22/2009
Retailers Stage Special Promotions in May   05/22/2009
Harmony Times Square Launches Singapore Week on May 22   05/22/2009
SIP Offers Online and Phone Information Services on Logistics   05/22/2009
The Lucky Wheel Begins to Spin in Modern Suzhou   05/22/2009
No.2 Sewage Treatment Plant Starts Trial Operation and Sludge Drying Project Gets Underway in SIP   05/21/2009
Genway Calligraphy and Painting Contest Encourages Young Generation to Create a Better Future   05/21/2009
SIP Launches a Theme Activity Urging Local Drivers to Save Gasoline   05/21/2009
HiPiKids Technology Attends 2009 WTISD Conference in Beijing   05/21/2009
Electronic Boards Appear at Bus Stops in "Modern Suzhou"   05/21/2009
Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway Stations in Suzhou under Construction   05/21/2009
New Drug of Youseen New Medican Explorita: Killer of A (H1N1) Flu   05/21/2009
Suzhou Industrial Park becomes model of China-Singapore cooperation   05/21/2009
Impression of Suzhou Industrial Park:Harmonious Blend of Modernity and Tradition   05/21/2009
Jiangnan Jiajie Elevator to Construct New Plant in SIP   05/21/2009
SAGINAW Steering System R&D Center Starts Operation   05/20/2009
SIP Customs Provides Five Convenient Services to Realize Efficient Taxation   05/20/2009
Dextrys Strengthens Strategic Partnership and Business Ties with P&G   05/20/2009
Hitachi Chemical Founds the First Photosensitive Dry Film R&D Base in SIP   05/20/2009
Suzhou Library YCC Branch Welcomes Young Readers with 40,000 Books   05/20/2009
SIP Investment in Fixed Assets Steadily Increases during First Four Months   05/20/2009
An International Ping Pong Open to be Held in Suzhou Next Month   05/20/2009
Daiwa House Industry (Suzhou) Starts Operation   05/20/2009
Soochow Securities to Move HQ to SIP CBD   05/19/2009
Harmony Constellation Complex to be a New Landmark in Hudong CBD Area   05/19/2009
BOCOM Suzhou Holds Ground-Breaking Ceremony for New Building in SIP CBD   05/19/2009
SIP Celebrates 15th Anniversary with A Florid Movement to Harmony Book and Exhibition   05/19/2009
AMD Managers Communicate with Suzhou High School Students   05/19/2009
SIP Leader Reiterates Learning from Singapore and Hopes More Cities Benefit from SIP's Successful Experience   05/19/2009
"Three Treasures of Shengpu" Listed as Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage   05/19/2009
SIP Expected to Offer Experience for China's Educational Reform   05/19/2009
International Science Park Cup Suzhou Creative Design Contest Winds Up   05/19/2009
SIP Schools Jointly Host International Charity Sales Day   05/19/2009
Nucleic-acid Pharmaceutical Industry Adds New Vigor to SIP   05/18/2009
My Inn Suzhou Hotel to be grandly opened on May 18   05/18/2009
"Movement of Harmony" to be Issued on May 18 at Ligong Causeway   05/18/2009
Singapore Praises SIP for "Unexpected Rapid Growth"   05/18/2009
Suzhou Issues the First Equity Investment Corporate Bond in China   05/18/2009
SIP Court Launches a 7-Day Project on Judicial Protection of Intellectual Property   05/18/2009
Expo 2010 Visual Suzhou Held at Dushu Lake Theater   05/16/2009
SIP Announces the Founding of Four Public Training Bases   05/16/2009
AMD Hails 40th Anniversary Worldwide   05/16/2009
SIP Youth & Children Centre Encourages Kids to Explore and Discover   05/16/2009
The Lucky Ferris Wheel Is Ready for Us   05/15/2009
SIP Tightens Auditing on Government-invested Projects   05/15/2009
Harmony Times Square Invites You to Experience the Unique Charm of Singapore   05/15/2009
Economic Recovery Boosts Demand for Peasant Workers   05/15/2009
Xinghai Street Underground Project Design Passes Fire-Control Examination   05/15/2009
Li Changchun Visits Suzhou   05/14/2009
SIP Youth & Children Centre, an Adventure Paradise for Kids   05/14/2009
Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre Presents Popular Swiss Mummenschanz Show on International Children's Day   05/14/2009
Tender is the Night   05/14/2009
AUO Forum on Technological Trend Held in Suzhou on Green Innovation   05/14/2009
A Harmonious Combination of Modern Skyline and Traditional Legacy   05/14/2009
Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Center Cherishes Quake Victims with Music   05/13/2009
Ferris Wheel Park to Welcome the First Visitors on May 21   05/13/2009
SIP Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Guards Against Type A H1N1 Flu   05/13/2009
Suzhou Organizes the First Workshop on Production Safety for Foreign Managers   05/13/2009
SAT SIP Office Receives a Large-Sum Income Tax Paid on Equity Transfer   05/13/2009
Subsidiary Company of Aichele from Germany Enters SIP   05/13/2009
Understanding SIP and its 15-Year Achievements from Creative Posters   05/12/2009
SIP Holds Reception and Picture Exhibition in Singapore to Celebrate its 15th Anniversary   05/12/2009
Suzhou Mayor Introduces SIP to Singaporean People on Two MediaCorp Programs   05/12/2009
China Railway First Group Creates Daily Shield Construction Record   05/12/2009
Youth Version of The Peony Pavilion Makes a Stir in Singapore   05/12/2009
Building Economy Becomes a New Revenue Source in SIP   05/12/2009
Unitron Hearing (Suzhou) Holds Opening Ceremony for New Production Building   05/12/2009
Lotus Lake Park Creates Unique Five-Colored Plantation Views in SIP   05/12/2009
Long-distance Running to Celebrate SIP 15th Anniversary   05/11/2009
A WHO Award Recognizes Achievements of SIP Charity Programs   05/11/2009
SIP Local Tax Bureau Emphasizes Performance, Service, and Leadership   05/11/2009
To Build Smooth Traffic for SIPDevelopment Report On the Traffic Management   05/11/2009
Suzhou Mayor and SIP Leaders Visit Singapore for Anniversary Celebration   05/10/2009
SIP Holds a Lecture for Foreign Managers on Production Safety Regulations   05/10/2009
Xinghai Street Underground Complex Construction to be Completed Next Year   05/10/2009
SIP Holds City Sculpture (Photography) Exhibition Celebrating its 15th Anniversary   05/09/2009
SIP Science & Technology Bureau Helps Local Enterprise to Pass National Assessment on Hi-Tech Companies   05/08/2009
SIP Ecological Optimization Plan Yields Initial Fruits   05/08/2009
Documentary of Tamasaburo's The Peony Pavilion to be Shown in Japan   05/08/2009
New City Landscape Celebrates the 15th Anniversary of SIP   05/07/2009
Two Gas Storage Tanks along Airport Road to be Removed Soon   05/07/2009
SIP Emphasizes the Prevention and Control of Type A H1N1 Influenza   05/07/2009
PKC Group's Electronics Factory to open R&D and Technical Service Centre in SIP, Jiangsu, China   05/07/2009
AEM Components (Suzhou) Grows against Adverse Business Climate   05/06/2009
Municipal Leader Urges SIP to Construct a Pilot Park Integrating Production, Teaching and Research   05/06/2009
Complete Youth Version of The Peony Pavilion to be on at Esplanade in Singapore   05/06/2009
Finnish Orchestra Creates Nordic Miracle   05/06/2009
Azurewind Cleantec (SIP) Attends International Healthy Lifestyle Exposition   05/05/2009
A Local Acrobatic Dance Show Demonstrates Unique Artistic Charm of Fusion   05/05/2009
31 SIP Companies Approved to Adopt Special Work Schedule   05/05/2009
X-Men Origins: Wolverine Premieres in Suzhou   05/05/2009
Chongyuan Temple Holds a Blessing Ceremony to Celebrate Buddha's Birthday   05/05/2009
Harmony Times Square Holds the 1st Creative Cultural Festival   05/05/2009
Let's Treasure-hunt   05/05/2009
US-China Science Park at Maryland Exchanges Ideas with SIP   05/05/2009
Teenage Latin Dance Competition Held in Suzhou Industrial Park   05/04/2009
SSEC Benefits Once again from the FTZ-PORT Operation   05/02/2009
SIP is to Construct China's First Mobile Intelligent Community   05/02/2009
Come to Enjoy the Holiday Spree along the Jinji Lake on May 1-3   05/02/2009
Suzhou International Sailboat Show to Be Held on May 1-3 on Jinji Lake   05/02/2009
SIP Ferris Wheel Park to Open on May 21   04/30/2009
SIP Bus Stops to be Equipped with 40-Plus Electronic Boards in Late May   04/30/2009
Come to Times Square and Order a Submarine Sandwich   04/30/2009
Hubin Avenue Cleaned and Getting Ready for the Coming 15th Anniversary   04/30/2009
CCB Suzhou Branch and SIP Leading Enterprises Discuss Cooperation Potentials   04/30/2009
Two Shield Machines Engaged in Underwater Construction at the Same Time   04/30/2009
Suzhou Animation Industry Sends Delegation to CICAF   04/30/2009
SIP Holds the 1st Clean Production Authentication Training   04/29/2009
Construction Plan of SIP Innovative Science Park Passes Initial Assessment   04/29/2009
A Foreign Company in SIP Refuses to Cut Jobs and Survives with "Unexpected Gains"   04/29/2009
Sijixin Community Holds a Mesh Flower Workshop for Local and Foreign Residents   04/29/2009
A Provincial Camera Team Records Typical Local Outfits in Shengpu Town   04/29/2009
Suzhou Recruits Creative Talents for its First Fashion Market   04/28/2009
Suzhou Singapore International School Holds a Triathlon   04/28/2009
Suzhou Has First Character Voices for Local Animation and Game Productions   04/28/2009
One-Stop Service Center Introduces online Training Programs on Annual Examination   04/28/2009
Harmony Times Square Seethes in Art Carnival   04/28/2009
They Protect the Place with Enthusiasm and Professionalism:   04/27/2009
Local Creative Design Competition Attracts Overseas Designers   04/27/2009
Suzhou Customs Confiscates and Destroys Counterfeit Products   04/27/2009
Suzhou Rainbow Department Store Opens on April 24   04/25/2009
Dushu Lake Higher Education Town Celebrates World Book & Copyright Day   04/25/2009
Creative Designer Produces a Chinese Knot of Harmony with Five Cereals   04/24/2009
Go and See Urban Sculptures in May at Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre   04/24/2009
Preschoolers of 3 & 3 Jiacheng Kindergarten Produce a Giant Painting   04/24/2009
A Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition Held in Huxi Community   04/24/2009
Genway and Mercure Become First 4-Star Tourist Hotels in SIP   04/24/2009
China Merchants Bank to Grant SIP Enterprises 5 Billion RMB Special Loan in 3 Years   04/23/2009
First Shield Machine to Start Underwater Tunneling in 3 Days   04/23/2009
Welcome to Suzhou Original Digital Entertainment Carnival   04/23/2009
China (Suzhou) Int'l Arts and Crafts Masterpieces Exhibition to Be Held in May   04/23/2009
SESL Sticks to Green Operation and Makes Soap from Waste Kitchen Oil   04/23/2009
Chinese and Singaporean Experts Share Views on SIP International Brands   04/22/2009
Robot Show to Open in May at Suzhou Youth and Children Center   04/22/2009
Genway Volunteers to Help Local Partners Overcome Current Difficulties   04/22/2009
Suzhou Rainbow Department Store to Open Soon   04/22/2009
SIP Local Tax Visits Kubota Agricultural Machinery   04/22/2009
A New Looks of SIP Tourism   04/22/2009
SME Fair Sets out to Boost International Brand-Building   04/22/2009
SIEC Braces Itself for 'Knock-on' Boom from Shanghai World Expo   04/22/2009
Location, Professionalism Power Suzhou Expo Center   04/22/2009
Shengpu Investment Promotion Center Helps Private Enterprises   04/21/2009
SIP Investment Promotion Bureau Visits Local Enterprises   04/21/2009
A New Cooperation Between SIP College and Company   04/21/2009
Wang Rong Introduces SIP Achievements to United Morning Post   04/21/2009
500 SIP Companies to Get 40M Yuan Subsidy   04/21/2009
Golden 15 Years, Blossom Sings For the Glory   04/20/2009
SIP Finance and Taxation Authorities Back Up Economic Growth   04/20/2009
Hipikids Technology Helps the Kids to Open Internet World   04/20/2009
Industrial Park Mirrors Sign of Growth Recovery   04/20/2009
SIP HR Development Serves Companies and Talents from All over the World   04/20/2009
SIP Customs Help Local Enterprises with Eight Supportive Policies   04/20/2009
SIP-CBD Construction Projects in Orderly Progress   04/17/2009
Local Developer and Investment Promotion Professionals Join Hands to Boost Moon Bay Commercial Project   04/17/2009
Introducing Toyota RAV4 in Suzhou This Weekend   04/17/2009
"Woodpecker" Volunteers Rewarded for Contributions to Community   04/17/2009
Times Square Digital Wall Will Follow You on the Way   04/17/2009
SIP Export Tax Rebate Division Helps Local Companies with 7 Measures   04/16/2009
SIP Science & Technology Bureau and SAT Office Screen Key Contacts from Enterprises Concerning Taxation Policies   04/16/2009
SIP Organizes a Treasure-Hunting Carnival to Celebrate Its 15th Anniversary   04/16/2009
SIP Cleans More than 200 Bus Stations   04/16/2009
A New Progress in SIP-CBD: Frasers Hospitality Launched Its Third Chinese Project in Global 188 Center   04/15/2009
First Certificate of Chinese Fiscal Resident in Jiangsu Province Issued in SIP   04/15/2009
Forum on IPR Assessment, Investment and Financing Held in SIP   04/15/2009
A US Group Visited Local Primary School to Study Basic Education in Towns   04/15/2009
Suzhou Industrial Park Sees Signs of Recovery   04/15/2009
The SIP: "Just like home"   04/15/2009
SIP Integrated Free Trade Zone Phase Two Passes Examination   04/14/2009
SIP Starts its 15th Anniversary Celebration with Various Activities   04/14/2009
SIP's Service Outsourcing Output Value Increases 260% in the First Quarter of 2009   04/14/2009
Journalists from over 20 Domestic and Foreign Media Visit SIP   04/14/2009
SIP Signs Agreements with 20 Colleges on Building Pre-Job Training Base   04/14/2009
Auchan Organizes Charity Auction to Help Children of Local Welfare Home   04/14/2009
SIP Printing Industry Achieves Rapid, Solid and Healthy Growth   04/14/2009
Flower Is the Third Space to Youth   04/13/2009
15-Year Development Creates a Paradise of Habitation:On Environmental Construction in Suzhou Industrial Park   04/13/2009
15-Year Development Makes SIP Integrated Free Trade Zone a World Dry Port   04/13/2009
SISPARK Serves Companies Heart and Soul by Sticking to Scientific Outlook   04/13/2009
First China-Singapore Venture Investment Cup Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Concluded with an Awarding Ceremony   04/12/2009
China-Australia International Workshop on Feasible Techniques for Children Rehabilitation Therapy Held in Suzhou   04/11/2009
SIP Local Tax Bureau Calls for New Cartoon Designs for its Taxation Services   04/10/2009
Gold Huasheng Honored as One of Top 30 Chinese Pulp-and-Paper-Making Companies   04/10/2009
Light Rail Shield Construction Progresses Westward from Nanshi Street Station   04/10/2009
The Main Structure of Moon Harbor Has Completed   04/10/2009
SIP Local Tax Bureau Offers Three Green-Channel Services to the Handicapped   04/10/2009
The Financial Crisis Will Not Affect Samsung's Investments in China   04/10/2009
Buddhist Artwork Exhibition Held in Chongyuan Temple   04/09/2009
Chinese and Foreign Journalists Visit Suzhou Industrial Park   04/09/2009
APP (China) Accomplishes its First Carbon Footprint Evaluation Project   04/09/2009
Suzhou International Expo Center to Hold Automobile Carnival   04/09/2009
When The Blauen Donau Encounters The Swan Lake   04/09/2009
Local Caoxie Hill Relics Park to be Constructed by the End of the Year   04/08/2009
SIP Local Tax Bureau Supports Animation Companies with Preferential Taxation Policies   04/08/2009
World's Biggest Collective Astronomical Observation Held in Suzhou   04/08/2009
Chanticleer to Perform at SSCAS in May   04/08/2009
The Programs of Tourism Festival Determined   04/08/2009
NHPCC Suzhou Branch Settles in SIP   04/08/2009
Fifteen-Year Scientific Planning Creates a Model New District:On the Planning of Suzhou Industrial Park   04/05/2009
ITO, BPO, and KPO Create a Golden-Triangle Outsourcing Structure in SIP   04/05/2009
SIP Industry and Commerce Bureau Promotes Leading Brand Companies   04/05/2009
L'Oréal Launches an Environmental Protection Campaign   04/04/2009
Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University and Xinghai School Offer 120 Astronomical Telescopes to the Public for Free Observation during Weekend   04/04/2009
SIP Re-Guarantee Fund Helps SMEs Get Loans   04/03/2009
2009 XML Suzhou Lab to Invite World Masters to Help Local Companies Get "Golden Touch" out of Animation   04/03/2009
Farmers from Requisitioned Land Share Benefits from SIP Achievements   04/03/2009
SIP Founds Japanese Enterprise HR Club   04/03/2009
Chunxing Constructs Two Production Facilities to Benefit from 3G Business   04/02/2009
Snail Game Listed as Potential Candidate for Growth Enterprise Market   04/02/2009
To Actively Promote Industrial Upgrading and Development with Scientific Outlook:   04/02/2009
SIP Holds Orientation on Labor Risk Management to Help Enterprise Cutting Cost   04/02/2009
SIP One-Stop Service Center Promotes 5S Management to Improve its Image   04/02/2009
SINANO and Local Enterprise Jointly Launch Technological Research Center   04/01/2009
Party Branch Secretaries of SIP Foreign-invested Enterprises Learn Experience in Party Building in New Countryside   04/01/2009
SIP Ferris Wheel Park to Open in May   04/01/2009
SIP Has Four More Post-Doctoral Research Substations   03/31/2009
Overseas Participants of the Second World Buddhist Forum Visit SIP   03/31/2009
First-Class Japanese Restaurant Opens its First Branch in Mainland China in SIP   03/31/2009
Takeru Kobayashi won Asia Eating Championship in SIP   03/30/2009
Endress+Hauser Invests 16 Million USD to Build New Plant in SIP   03/30/2009
SIP Leads in Constructing Ecological Civilization and Will Launch Ecological Optimization Campaign by the End of the Year   03/30/2009
15-Year Development Turns SIP into a Treasure House:On Promising Modern Service Sector   03/30/2009
To Obtain Breakthrough to Surpass Japan and US:On Biopharmaceutical Development by Scientific Outlook   03/30/2009
Entertainment of Local Shengpu Residents   03/28/2009
SSEC Celebrates the Production of the 10,000,000th Washing Machine   03/27/2009
2009 Concert Master Series: Two Finnish Musicians to Perform and Teach on March 28   03/27/2009
SIP Maintains Effective Communication with Major Enterprises   03/27/2009
Music Professors Contributes to the Preservation of Local Folk Songs   03/27/2009
SIP Cracks Down on Unlicensed Net Cafés to Create a Healthy Internet Environment   03/27/2009
National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Spot Added in SIP   03/27/2009
Local Companies Get 6.8 Billion Yuan of Bank Loans   03/26/2009
ELEXPO 2009 Helps Local Elevator Companies Survive Recession   03/26/2009
SISPARK Launches a Series of Theme Activities on Creative Culture   03/26/2009
Green Lighting along Xinggang Street   03/26/2009
SIP Witnesses Import and Export Growth in February   03/25/2009
Suzhou Claims 53 of the Top 500 Foreign-invested Enterprises in China   03/25/2009
SIP Industry and Commerce Bureau Promotes Growth by Improving Services   03/25/2009
SIP Accomplishes 2008 Pollutant Discharge Reduction Task   03/25/2009
SSEC Puts Algae-Eating Fish into Yangcheng Lake to Celebrate World Water Day   03/24/2009
SIP Ranks the First in Human Resource and Supply Index in China   03/24/2009
Local Paper Company Promotes Low-Carbon Life by Introducing Car-Free Day   03/24/2009
Global 188 Center by Jinji Lake Becomes the Tallest Building in Suzhou   03/24/2009
Jinji Lake International Golf Club Wins China's Top 10 Best Golf Course   03/24/2009
SIP No.2 EPS Adopts Chinese Traditional Virtues in Class Division   03/23/2009
City Life is at Their Finger Tips:   03/22/2009
SIP Customs and Integrated Free Trade Zone Offer All-Weather Services to SSEC   03/21/2009
Second Shield Machine Starts Underground Construction   03/21/2009
Bridge Girder Construction along Suzhou Section of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway to Be Accomplished by the End of the Year   03/21/2009
Another Suzhou High School (SIP) Student Admitted by Cambridge   03/21/2009
Eli Lilly and Company Invests 40 Million Dollars in Building New Plant in Suzhou   03/20/2009
SIP to Organize International Youth Camp Observing Eclipse in July   03/20/2009
SIPHRD Provides Career Transitional Service to Help Laid-off Workers Out of Dilemma   03/20/2009
CAST Young Scientist Forum on Nanotech Held in Suzhou   03/19/2009
Governor Luo Visits Samsung Electronics (Suzhou) Semiconductor   03/19/2009
SIP Technological SMEs Growing against Adverse Business Climate   03/19/2009
Dushu Lake Bridge Connects SIP with Suzhou   03/19/2009
SIP Organizes Training on the Establishment of Enterprise Trade Unions and Workers' Conferences   03/19/2009
SIP 2009 Spring Flea Market to be Held on May 1   03/19/2009
SIP Calls to Practice Scientific Outlook on Development and Create International Brand   03/18/2009
Hudong Community Makes Foreign Residents at Home   03/18/2009
SIP Industry and Commerce Bureau Helps Companies to Survive the Economic Winter   03/18/2009
SJEC Becomes a National Leading Brand with Independent R&D Achievements   03/18/2009
An Analysis of SIP Urban Population's Living Conditions in 2008   03/17/2009
Asia Eating Championship Held in SIP   03/17/2009
Three SISPARK Companies Listed as China's Top 50 Service Outsourcing Enterprises   03/17/2009
SIP Offers Special HR Services to its 600 Taiwan Companies   03/17/2009
Primary Students Learn to Plant Traditional Local Produces   03/17/2009
SIP Neighborhood Center Invites Dancers to Take Part in the Dancing Competition   03/17/2009
SIP Transfers Experience in Training by "1+1" New Mode   03/17/2009
Large-scale Press Action Confidence in Jiangsu Comes into Suzhou   03/17/2009
Virtual Airport Expands Enterprise Logistics Operation   03/16/2009
Palace Lan Resort & Spa Yangcheng Lake Suzhou Passes Final Inspection and Approval for National 5-Star Status   03/16/2009
March 15 Activity at Harmony Times Square: "It's my right, and my words count."   03/16/2009
Gala Activities Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of SIP   03/16/2009
State-Owned Capital Plays a Leading Role in both Construction and Development: On the Power Source Driving the Sustainable Growth in SIP   03/16/2009
SIP Destroys a Batch of Counterfeit and Shoddy Products   03/16/2009
Tamasaburo's Dual Role during the Rehearsal of The Peony Pavilion   03/16/2009
Efforts behind the Curtain Contribute to the Success of The Peony Pavilion   03/14/2009
Kabuki Master Promises a Traditional Interpretation of The Peony Pavilion   03/13/2009
Pro-Business Service in SIP Warms the Hearts of Foreign Companies   03/13/2009
Only a Few Tickets Left for The Peony Pavilion (China-Japan Version)   03/13/2009
SIP Subsidizes Companies for Training Under-Supplied Talents   03/13/2009
The 6th SIIE Benefits Enterprises with Industrial Agglomeration Effect   03/13/2009
Local Folk Art Master Lectures on Traditional Taohuawu New Year Prints   03/12/2009
SIP Starts Joint Law Enforcement System to Expand Court Enforcement Network   03/12/2009
SIP to Hold Theme Fairs on March 15 the International Day for Protecting Consumers' Rights   03/12/2009
Suzhou Light Rail Line 1 Island A Airshaft Foundation Excavated   03/12/2009
2009 International Youth Camp on Chinese World Heritage to be Held in Dushu Lake Higher Education Town   03/11/2009
Xinghai School Students Attend a Court Trial on Fraud Case   03/11/2009
KWE Tries the Integrated Zone-Port Operation Mode of "Virtual Port"   03/11/2009
SIP Promotes Successful Safe Production Management Experience   03/11/2009
Suzhou International Expo Center Adopts Green Development Strategy   03/11/2009
CAS Graduate University Suzhou Station Welcomes New Students   03/11/2009
Suzhou to Construct a Civil Helicopter Airport   03/11/2009
SIP Integrated Free Trade Zone Excels in Developing Export Processing Functions   03/10/2009
SIP Urban Administration Bureau Promotes Democracy in Leader Election   03/10/2009
SIP One-Stop Service Center Promotes Online Services   03/10/2009
Passenger Gondolas Installed on the Ferris Wheel   03/10/2009
SIP Grants Medical Care Relief and Revises up Pension and Unemployment Allowance   03/10/2009
CCTV 6 China Movie Report Finds View from Digital Movies in Shengpu   03/10/2009
SIP Environmental Highlight Projects Fully Launched for Ecological Optimization   03/10/2009
SIP Labor and Social Security Bureau Providing an All-Weather Umbrella   03/09/2009
Individual Income Tax Declaration Peak Comes One Month Earlier than Last Year   03/09/2009
SIP Administrations Introducing More Services to Sustain and Boost Growth   03/08/2009
Come to Challenge the World Competitive Eating Champions   03/08/2009
SIP Learns from Singapore in Managing Street Vendors   03/07/2009
SIP 110kv Linglong Substation Expansion Project Commissioned   03/06/2009
The First Session of Seminar on Chinese Culture Held in SISPARK   03/06/2009
Human Resource, an Essential Factor in Coping with Financial Crisis   03/06/2009
SIP to Speed up Economic Restructuring and Promote Independent Innovation   03/06/2009
Two Entrepreneurs in SIP Awarded "Suzhou Mayor Prize for Scientific Innovation and Business-Building"   03/06/2009
SIP Local Taxation Bureau Improves Service to Assist Enterprises through Difficulties   03/06/2009
Film 24 City by Gold Lion Director to Premiere in Suzhou on March 6   03/05/2009
GE Aviation Systems (Suzhou) Opens New Production Facility   03/05/2009
Opening a Window to Drucker's Academic Legacy on Modern Management   03/05/2009
Local Official Encourages SIP to Become one of the First Pilot Civilized Districts   03/05/2009
Huxi Community HR Market Offers 461 Jobs to Local Residents   03/05/2009
Xinghai Swimming Complex to Reopen after Renovation   03/04/2009
Municipal Government Doubles Local Fund to Promote Service Outsourcing   03/04/2009
SIP Helps Companies to Reduce Labor Cost by Lowering PF Contribution Base   03/04/2009
SIP Replaces Subsidies with Prizes to Encourage Environmental Protection   03/04/2009
Let LOHAS Warm the LifeGenway Cup Photography & DV Competition Opens   03/04/2009
SIP Doctors and Returned Scholars Help Local Orphans with a Charity Auction   03/03/2009
Suzhou International Furniture Fair to be Held on June 5   03/03/2009
New Media is Rising in Suzhou Industrial Park   03/03/2009
Loufeng Town Facilitates Communications between Banks and Companies   03/03/2009
The Ferris Wheel to Revolve Hopefully on May Day   03/03/2009
The Power of Invisible Wings: on SIP Spiritual Civilization Construction and Party Building   03/02/2009
Bilingual Hudong Community Welcomes Foreign Residents   03/02/2009
ICBC Provides 3.5 Billion Loans to 15 Taiwan Companies   03/01/2009
SIP Summarizes 2008 Planning and Construction Achievements   02/28/2009
3D Films to be Shown at Dushu Lake Theater from March 1   02/28/2009
SIP Inspection and Quarantine Office Customizes Supporting Services for Companies   02/27/2009
President of Samsung China visits Suzhou Plants to Boost Morale   02/27/2009
SIP Subsidizes Training of 3,000 Talents with 8.4 Million RMB   02/27/2009
SIP Ranks the First with Invention Patent Growth in Suzhou   02/27/2009
SIP Individual Income Tax Self-Declaration Grows by 80%   02/27/2009
SIP One-Stop Service Center Extends its Business Hours   02/27/2009
SIP Revises up 2009 Unemployment Compensation   02/26/2009
Show Your Originality at SISPARK Creation Culture Activities   02/26/2009
Suzhou is Creating More Tourist Attractions   02/26/2009
Suzhou Institute of Sichuan University Offers Overseas Pre-Job Training   02/26/2009
IC China and eMEX Suzhou to be Held on October 22-24   02/26/2009
SIP Authority Emphasizes a Harmonious Urban and Rural Growth   02/25/2009
Suzhou Starts Constructing China's Longest Underwater Tunnel   02/25/2009
Green Online Game The Sword of Justice Teaches Teenagers Laws   02/25/2009
SIP Offers Consultancy on Applicable Policies to Caterpillar Suzhou   02/25/2009
Chinese Vice-premier Has Faith in Suzhou to Keep Leading in the Country   02/24/2009
Suzhou Leads in Provincial Venture Investment Sector   02/24/2009
Loufeng Town Encourages Technological Innovation and Industrial Upgrading   02/24/2009
SIP Rewards Companies with Outstanding Sales Performance   02/24/2009
Baitang Arboretum: the Good Place to Admire Plum Blossom   02/24/2009
Candlelight Project Promotion Held at Times Square to Help Rural Teachers   02/24/2009
IMUSICI to Present the Mythos of Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi at SSCAC   02/22/2009
An Excellent SIP is a Result of Outstanding Administration: A Report on SIP City Management   02/22/2009
Suzhou Light Rail Line 1 Underwater Shield Construction is to Start   02/21/2009
Hudong Community Publicizes Traditional Culture and Environmental Protection   02/21/2009
Mahr Precision Metrology (Suzhou) Offers Calibration Services   02/21/2009
State Customs Administration Allows SIP to Innovate Processing Trade Policies   02/21/2009
Tibet of China: Past and Present to Be On Today   02/20/2009
It's Time to Prepare Your Individual Income Tax Self Declaration Form   02/20/2009
Introducing Traditional Folk Handicraft to Younger Generation   02/20/2009
SIP Starbucks Achieves Steady and Rapid Growth   02/20/2009
If You Feel Lonely or Need Help, Come here and Let's Talk   02/20/2009
Shengpu Call Center Offers 500-Plus Jobs   02/19/2009
Samsung Electronics Emphasizes Corporate Social Responsibilities   02/19/2009
Huxi Community Holds a Lecture on Private Wealth Management   02/19/2009
Oil Painting Collection Exhibition Held at Han Pu Art Center   02/19/2009
50 Foreign Enterprises Gather by the Dushu Lake to Offer over 500 Jobs   02/19/2009
Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Center Lowers the Price for Elegant Art   02/19/2009
Suzhou King Long Leads in Auto Export   02/19/2009
Japanese Artist Tamasaburo Bando Reveals his Connection with Kunqu Opera   02/19/2009
Local Graphic Designers Promote Environmental Protection with a Theme Exhibition   02/18/2009
Ballet Show Romeo and Juliet to Be Staged in April at Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre   02/18/2009
Chinese Leading Economist has Confidence in SIP Software Superiorities against Economic Recession   02/17/2009
SIP Applies New Management and Control Measures on Land Lots Left Unused   02/17/2009
Japanese Kabuki Master will Co-star The Peony Pavilion with Local Kunqu Artists at Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre   02/16/2009
SIP Promulgates Policies to Promote Business Set-up and Employment   02/16/2009
SIP Explores Growth Potentials by Adopting Supportive Financial Policies   02/15/2009
An Overview of SIP Technological Development   02/14/2009
SIP Consumers' Market Thrives in Lunar New Year and Lantern Festival   02/14/2009
Local Party Leader Encourages SIP to Contribute More to Economic Growth   02/13/2009
Go to Enjoy a Valentine Show and You might Find Your True Love   02/13/2009
SIP Promots Household Appliance Sales in Rural Areas   02/13/2009
Service Outsourcing Spurs On Industrial Upgrading in Suzhou   02/13/2009
Construction Kicks off for Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Rail SIP Station   02/13/2009
Thanks to Sanitation Workers   02/13/2009
Carrier-Class Toy Store Enters Harmony   02/13/2009
You Want a Job?   02/12/2009
SIP Cooperates with Suez Environment to Achieve Ecological Optimization   02/12/2009
Logistics Center Offers Discount to Help SIP Companies Reduce Cost   02/12/2009
Sport Development Center Offers World Taekwondo Federation International Coach Training Classes   02/12/2009
An Overview on the Construction of SIP Legal Systems   02/11/2009
The Mission of SIP Public Science & Technology Service System: to Get the Last Mile Done   02/10/2009
"Star of Tomorrow" Housing Project Lowers Rent to Attract and Retain Talents   02/10/2009
Culture Infuses New Vitality to this Valentine's Day in Suzhou   02/10/2009
Gigantic LED Screen Presents Appealing Movie Show   02/09/2009
Thousands of Sweet Love will be on LED Screen of Times Square   02/09/2009
40 HR Managers within SIP Acquired the First Batch of CQOKLS   02/08/2009
Suzhou Receives 1,337 Million US Dollar Foreign Investment in January   02/08/2009
Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre Joins Hands with Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theatre in Promoting a Leading Cultural City   02/07/2009
And the Winners of 360° Time Photography Contest Go to...   02/07/2009
SIP People's Procuratorate Promises Better Services to Enterprises   02/07/2009
The Jigsaw of Jinji Lake-Rim CBD is Taking Shape   02/07/2009
Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Centre Presents a Special Valentine Gift   02/06/2009
Shengpu HR Market Reopens after Lunar New Year   02/06/2009
Central Government Approves Suzhou as one of 20 Pilot Service Outsourcing Cities   02/05/2009
Suzhou Industrial Park Grants SMEs 50% Loan Interest Subsidy   02/04/2009
Seven More Underground Passageways to be Constructed in Suzhou Section of Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway   02/04/2009
SIP Supports Processing Trade with a Special Guarantee Fund   01/24/2009
Suzhou International Expo Center and Korean COEX Sign Cooperation Agreement   01/24/2009
SIP BioBay Distinguishes Itself with Industrial Aggregation Effect   01/24/2009
Chinese Selection for World Chocolate Masters 2009 Held in Suzhou   01/24/2009
SIP held Solid Waste Management Discussion   01/23/2009
SESS Volunteers Serve Home-bound Passengers for the Spring Festival   01/23/2009
Warm Seasonal Greetings and Abundant Holiday Gifts for SIP Families at Need   01/23/2009
Shengpu Wins the Title of 'National Demonstration Town in Community Education"   01/23/2009
SIP Publicizes Policy Package Boosting Economy and Supporting Enterprises   01/23/2009
SINANO Surveys the Demand on Industrial Technologies in Suzhou   01/22/2009
SIP Federation of Industry & Commerce Inaugurated   01/22/2009
SIP Free Trade Zone Launches its Official Website   01/22/2009
SIP Launches Public Service Platform to Boost SME Informatization   01/21/2009
Suzhou Dushu Lake Library Designated to be Information Service Institution for High-Level Talents   01/21/2009
Suzhou Fiscal Investment in Science and Technologies Totals 2,100 Million in 2008   01/21/2009
Suzhou Industrial Park Held the Service Outsourcing Association Annual Conference   01/21/2009
Over 200 Little Pairs of Pointes Formed a Ballet Show   01/21/2009
SIP Spring Festival Shopping Street Welcomes You with New Year Gifts and Selection Commodities   01/20/2009
SIP Holds an Evening Reception to Celebrate 2009 Chinese Lunar New Year   01/20/2009
China's Biggest Department Store Debuts at Suzhou Harmony Times Square   01/20/2009
The World's Largest Toy Retailer Opens its Second Flagship Store in Suzhou   01/20/2009
The World's Leading Manufacturer of Safety Equipments Launches its New R&D and Production Hub in Suzhou Industrial Park   01/17/2009
NCS Suzhou Relocates to SIP Creative Industrial Park for a Sustainable Growth against Adverse Business Climate   01/16/2009
IMAX Film The Alps: Climb of Your Life Premieres in Suzhou   01/16/2009
Secretary Wang and Mayor Yan Meet Temasek Chief Representative in China to Further Promote Partnership with Singapore   01/16/2009
Gold Huasheng Paper Awarded SIP Special Fund for Energy Conservation   01/15/2009
Gate of the Orient Construction Project has its Last Concrete Foundation Plate Laid   01/14/2009
China's First Integrated Bonded Zone Celebrates its First Anniversary and Four Advantages   01/14/2009
Suzhou IC Companies Gather to Discuss the Strategies on Talents and Salaries in Coping with Financial Crisis   01/14/2009
SIP Launches a Shared Website on Public Technical Services   01/13/2009
Main Tasks in 2009 for SIP: to Ensure the Growth and to Promote Transformation and Upgrading   01/13/2009
Two Replicated Swords of Ancient Kings to be Exhibited at Chongyuan Temple   01/13/2009
SIP & Xiangcheng District Cooperate to Set Up "Xiangcheng Fund"   01/13/2009
SIP Offers Faster and Cheaper Cargo Shipping Service to Japan   01/12/2009
Seasonal Greetings from Local Calligraphers for the Coming Year of the Ox   01/12/2009
Suzhou Industrial Park Creates New Records in Foreign Trade   01/12/2009
They Come from Different Countries and Suzhou will be their Common Memory   01/12/2009
Six SIP Companies Win 2008 Most Influential Developers Award in Suzhou   01/09/2009
SIP Labor Inspection Team Visits Enterprises to Provide Service   01/09/2009
Measures on the Protection and Administration of Jinji Lake to Take Effect on March 1   01/08/2009
Come on, Let's Go to Have a Bowl of Noodles   01/08/2009
Austrian Miba Builds its New Powder Metallurgy Facilities in China   01/08/2009
Suzhou Wanlong Increases R&D Investment to Face Up to Crisis   01/08/2009
SIP Customs Reaps 6 Billion RMB Tariff for the First Time   01/08/2009
Arsenal Plans to Build a Global Energy Technology Company in Suzhou   01/07/2009
SISPARK Wins the Award on Outstanding Contributions to China Informatization   01/05/2009
New Year's Day: SIP Customs Voluntarily Provides Overtime Services   01/05/2009
Suzhou Mayor Endorses Measures on the Protection and Administration of Jinji Lake   01/05/2009
The 3rd Annual Suzhou New Year's Eve Run Held by the Jinji Lake   01/05/2009
One-Stop Service: Never-ending Improvement   01/04/2009
Suzhou Pingtan School Launching a New Campus   01/04/2009
SIP Summarizes 2008 Postdoctoral Achievements   01/04/2009
SIP Companies Register 685 New Trademarks in 2008   01/04/2009
A Talent Pool for SIP Service Outsourcing Industry   01/04/2009
SIP Offers 530 Preferential-Rent Apartments to Talents   01/04/2009
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