New Generation of Hydrogen Fueled City Bus Made in Suzhou   12/31/2008
The New Year Resolutions of Suzhou Municipal Administration: to Grasp and Use well All the Opportunities Available   12/31/2008
Fengyun Online Promoting SaaS Services in China   12/30/2008
BOC Suzhou Branch Opens the First Wealth Management Center   12/30/2008
Suzhou Hosts the Most Sports Competitions in Jiangsu Province   12/30/2008
Measuring the Beneficial Degree to Enterprises after the Transition, SIP Prepares for VAT Reform   12/29/2008
Coca Cola Outsources Water Soluble Nutrients R&D Project to Nakang Company   12/29/2008
Xingsheng Construction Co. Fulfills Corporate Social Responsibility by Helping Students   12/29/2008
Wanlong Co. to Build Suzhou R&D Center   12/29/2008
SIP Awards Internet Café Volunteer Supervisors Caring about Younger Generations   12/26/2008
The State Council Expands Suzhou Industrial Park Experimental Taxation Policy   12/26/2008
Keep the Confidence of Enterprises, and Share Experience in Economic Development   12/25/2008
Rail Transit Line No.1 Suzhou Expo Center Station Roof Sealed   12/25/2008
SIP Sets Up Scholarship on Urgently-needed Professions in Soochow University   12/25/2008
Li Xiaodong Becomes the 26th Volunteer Marrow Donor in Suzhou   12/25/2008
Jiangsu Party Secretary Liang Baohua Encourages Companies to Rise to Challenges, to Develop Potentials, and to Grasp Opportunities   12/25/2008
Jiangsu Party Secretary Liang Baohua Urges Local Party and Governmental Leaders to Do Their Best to Ensure Economic Growth   12/25/2008
SIP Neighborhood Center Establishes its First Wholly-Owned Subsidiary outside Suzhou   12/24/2008
SIP Gets 10 Billion Loan from Strategic Partner China Merchants Bank   12/24/2008
Orientation Meeting Helps SIP Foreign Companies to Benefit from VAT Reform   12/24/2008
West-of-Lake Community: Chinese-flavored Christmas in "Modern Suzhou"   12/23/2008
SIP Invests 700 Million in Founding the First Services Outsourcing Institute in China   12/23/2008
SIP Offers Jobs to 180 College Graduates from Earthquake-Stricken Areas   12/23/2008
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Time to Enjoy Yourself   12/22/2008
SIP Doubles Postdoctoral Living Allowance and Introduces More Preferential Policies to Recruit and Retain Talents   12/22/2008
Suzhou Industrial Park, Where Dreams Blossom and Come True   12/19/2008
SIP Promotes the Use of Licensed Software   12/19/2008
Jiangsu Province to Construct Innovation Service Platforms in National Hi-Tech Districts   12/19/2008
Shengpu Township Helps Enterprises to Survive Financial Winter   12/19/2008
Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway Auxiliary Project: SIP Station to Break Ground after Spring Festival   12/19/2008
China and Singapore Jointly Create a Modern Suzhou in 14 Years   12/18/2008
SIP HR Department Offers Free Recruitment Stands   12/18/2008
Fire Protection New Year Card Publicizes Fire Protection   12/18/2008
The Best Christmas Gifts: Sixteen Measures to Promote Growth   12/17/2008
ICBC Suzhou Xinghu Sub-Branch on Trial Operation   12/17/2008
The Sustainable Growth Creates an Integrated Space in SIP   12/17/2008
Suzhou Call Center Industrial Base launched: Enterprises Enabled to Provide Hotline Service without Its Own Operators   12/17/2008
Mirinda Caravan Travels to Suzhou   12/17/2008
Do the Patriotic Chinese Do   12/16/2008
SISPARK Opens International Private Leased Circuit, Software Companies with Might Redoubled   12/16/2008
Global HR's Best Practice in Leadership Development Goes to Spansion (China)   12/16/2008
The First Step to Achieve a Wireless Suzhou   12/16/2008
Summit Forum on Economic Trend and Corporate Strategy Held in Suzhou   12/15/2008
SISPARK: Where to Start a Business with a Lap-top   12/12/2008
Times Square to Introduce Modern Lifestyle and Recreation Area for the Holiday Season   12/12/2008
First European-Style Street Mall Introduced to Ligong Causeway   12/11/2008
SIP-IVT Produces 11,000 Grey-Collar Talents in a Decade   12/10/2008
SIP Becomes One of the First Licensed Provincial Training Bases International Service Outsourcing Talents   12/10/2008
Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee passes Annual ISO14001 EMS Audit   12/09/2008
Secrets of Making the Best Kimchi: A Glimpse of Korea Kimchi Festival Held in SIP   12/09/2008
Shengpu People Collecting Old Farming Tools to Preserve Rice Cultivation Culture   12/09/2008
Jinji Lake Kempinski Hotel Project wins "Luban Award"   12/08/2008
Ground-Breaking Ceremony Held for Suzhou CMB Building and CMB Small Business Credit Center   12/06/2008
SIP Customs Communicating New Policies   12/06/2008
Chongyuan Temple Plans to Build Duobao Tower   12/05/2008
SIP Cuts Down PF Contribution Rate, But Employees' Welfare Is Unaffected   12/05/2008
Software Elite Gather at SEPG China in SIP   12/04/2008
Enterprises Restoring Morale against Adverse Situations with Supporting Policies   12/04/2008
SIP Labor and Social Security Bureau Helping Companies to Cope with Current Difficulties   12/04/2008
Feng Yun Online: An Innovative Mode Initiating another Round of Agglomeration in Software Sector   12/03/2008
Hipikids Technology: Creating No. 1 Chinese Hi-Tech Brand for Kids   12/03/2008
ESP Made by Bosch in Suzhou Tested in Low Temperature   12/03/2008
China and Singapore in Second Hand-shake: To Duplicate "SIP"in Nantong   12/03/2008
SIP Revises Preferential Policies to Recruit and Retain Top-Level and Urgently-neededTalents   12/02/2008
First National Demonstrative Base of Service Outsourcing Established in Suzhou   12/02/2008
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore Meets Liang Baohua   12/02/2008
Suzhou Jingyi Packaging Equipment Co. Starts Business Operation   12/01/2008
Nippon Steel Bar & CH Wire (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Holds Opening Ceremony in Weiting Township   12/01/2008
Foss Group Enters SIP   12/01/2008
SIP-EHS Association Holds Preparatory Meeting   12/01/2008
SIP Becomes National IPR Experimental Industrial Park   11/27/2008
Magneto Special Anodes Co. Announces Opening in SIP   11/26/2008
Municipal Government Briefs Investment Banks on Economic Development   11/24/2008
Mayor Yan Li Meets Guests from Singapore   11/23/2008
Ideal Industries Inc. Brings Products to SIP   11/19/2008
SIP Sets Up Taxation Service Center   11/19/2008
SIP to Stipulate New Policies to Help Enterprises in Difficulty   11/18/2008
Harman International Builds Factory in SIP   11/18/2008
Suzhou and Southeast University Cooperate in Building "Technological Service Platform"   11/18/2008
Seiosoft to Set Up Europe-America Service R&D Center in SIP   11/17/2008
Sullair Enters SIP   11/13/2008
Jade Emperor Palace Completed and Opened to the Public   11/13/2008
Suzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Takes New Measures for Better Service   11/13/2008
Zhou Weiqiang Meets Israeli Guests   11/13/2008
China-Central & Eastern Europe Agricultural Economy and Trade Cooperation Symposium Convenes in Suzhou   11/10/2008
A Hundred Top Nanotech Experts Gather at SIP Forum   11/09/2008
Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation Align with IT   11/09/2008
The 13th China-Kyushu Industrial Technology Consultative Conference Convenes in SIP   11/07/2008
Eaton Electrical Suzhou New Facility to Operate as Global R&D Center   11/06/2008
The 61st API China & INTERPHEX China Held in Suzhou for the First Time   11/06/2008
SIP Appropriates 10 Million RMB for Personnel Training   11/05/2008
4-Star Convention Center Inaugurated at Higher Education Town   11/05/2008
TJoy Biochemical Stock Co., Ltd. Completes Plant in Loufeng Township   11/05/2008
Software Outsourcing Hits 100 Million USD at Int'l Science Park   11/05/2008
6,000 Orthopedic Experts to Gather in Suzhou   11/04/2008
SIP Appropriates 200 Million RMB to Support 19 Projects   11/04/2008
Global Rubber Tycoon Starts Operation in SIP   10/31/2008
SIP Make Debut at 1st China International Recycled Economy Exposition   10/31/2008
Hutchinson Rubber Enters SIP   10/31/2008
The 60th International Medical Exposition Scheduled for Oct. 29   10/28/2008
SIP Successfully Holds Neurological Symposium on 3 Regions of the Straights   10/28/2008
SIP Appears at the 7th New York International Service Outsourcing Exhibition   10/28/2008
SIP to Expand 33 Hectares of Science Park   10/25/2008
Ascendas Innovation Park Starts Up in Suzhou   10/25/2008
SIP Holds Investment Seminar in Tokyo   10/25/2008
CoAdna Technology Co. Goes Into Operation in SIP   10/25/2008
Thematic Sculptural Works Appear at Higher Education Town   10/21/2008
Two-Straights IC Summit Symposium Convenes in Suzhou   10/21/2008
SIP Holds Seminar on Investment Promotion in HK   10/18/2008
Posco Invests 35 Million USD on Plant Expansion   10/18/2008
The 7th eMEX Opens in Suzhou   10/17/2008
Suzhou Venture Capital Joins Top GP50   10/17/2008
Suzhou Alibaba Training Base Opens First Class   10/17/2008
The world's largest Read-only memory producer to Set Up Mainland HQ in SIP   10/17/2008
eMEX Puts On Green   10/17/2008
The 6th International Invention Exhibition to Open on Oct. 16   10/16/2008
Mainland Operation HQ of Macronix Microelectronics Lays Foundation in SIP   10/16/2008
SIP Builds e-Commerce Incubator   10/16/2008
SIP Bio-pharmaceutical Industry on the Road of Internationalization   10/16/2008
International Service Outsourcing - an New Emerging Industry in Southern Jiangsu   10/13/2008
SIP and Alibaba to Build eCommerce Senior Talent Databank   10/11/2008
Suzhou Hosts Cold Spring Harbor Board Meeting   10/06/2008
Jinji Lake Grand Hotel Elected to "Best 100 Hotels of China in 2008"   09/29/2008
Sino-Russian Technological Cooperation Conference Held in SIP   09/25/2008
Suzhou and Shenzhen in Mutual Support and Benefit   09/25/2008
Suzsoft Wins "2008 China Software Export and Service Outsourcing Star" Award   09/23/2008
Santen Pharmaceutical Builds the First Plant in China   09/22/2008
The 6th International Invention Exhibition to Open on Oct. 16   09/20/2008
Deluxe Carpet Manufacturer Settles Down in SIP   09/20/2008
Two National University Science Parks Enter Dushu Lake Higher Education Town   09/20/2008
IC China and eMEX to Appear Simultaneously in Suzhou Next Year   09/19/2008
SIP Awarded 1.1 Million RMB Technological Funding   09/19/2008
"2008 Microsoft Technological Innovation Day" Lands in Suzhou   09/19/2008
SIP Sculptures Wins National Awards   09/12/2008
Chemical School of Jilin University Joins Hands with SIP for Innovation   09/12/2008
Everbright Bank SIP Branch Moves to Expanded Premises   09/12/2008
Lotus Lanterns Shine in SIP   09/12/2008
Central Media Focus on SIP   09/10/2008
SIP Software and Service Outsourcing Institute Greets First Students   09/09/2008
Major Universities to Gather at IC Exposition   09/09/2008
IC China and eMEX to Combine Into One Event?   09/08/2008
The 10th University Joins Dushu Lake Higher Education Town   09/08/2008
Top IC Exposition to Convene in September   09/08/2008
XJTLU Forges Strategic Partnership with Laureate Inc.   09/06/2008
Round-the-clock McDonalds Opens at Hanlin Neighborhood Center   09/06/2008
CSSD to Get Listed in 2009   09/05/2008
China-Singapore SIP Joint Steering Council Holds the 10th Meeting   09/05/2008
Proactive CyberSpace Passes CMMI-3 Authentication   09/02/2008
30 Internationally-reputed Risk Investors Gather in Suzhou   09/01/2008
The Miraculous Aerial Screen at Harmony Times Square   09/01/2008
The 1st BioBay Investor Forum Successfully Concluded   09/01/2008
BioBay Holds 2008 Investor Forum   08/31/2008
Founder Technology Customer Liaison Center Begins Service in SIP   08/31/2008
Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng of Singapore to Visit China   08/29/2008
SIP Offices and Enterprises Contribute 630,000 RMB to Support Needy Students   08/29/2008
Snail Game Exhibits Latest Products at Leipzig Games Convention   08/26/2008
Provincial and Municipal Funds Back Up SIP Tertiary Industry   08/26/2008
Leaders of Nanjing Financial and Economic University Survey SIP   08/25/2008
SIP Adopts New Measures for Government Service   08/25/2008
Russia Nanotech Group Visits SIP   08/25/2008
SIP Obtains Financial Support from Ministry of Science and Technology for International Cooperation   08/22/2008
Suzhou Software Testing Center Qualified for Information Supervisory Unit   08/22/2008
SIP Experiments in New Mode of "Virtual Port Through Clearance"   08/22/2008
6.2 Billion RMB Invested in Suzhou Light Rail Transit Project   08/20/2008
Municipal Leaders Meet Singapore Guests   08/20/2008
Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway Project Soon to Get in Full Swing at Suzhou Section   08/17/2008
Sun Computer to Train 1,000 Software Talents within 3 Years   08/15/2008
The Lakeside Ferris Wheel To Be Soon Completed   08/15/2008
The Fist Global Distribution Center Appears in SIP   08/15/2008
Neighborhood Center Conducts Third-party Customer Satisfaction Evaluation   08/08/2008
The Largest Wafer-level Chip Project in China Finds Home in SIP   08/07/2008
Singaporeans Celebrate National Day in Suzhou   08/07/2008
China's First Underground Railway Deploys SIP Terminals   08/07/2008
Urban Transit Gives Rise to an "Underground Business Town" in SIP   08/05/2008
Water-borne Ferris Wheel to Light Up by November at Jinji Lake   08/05/2008
The First ELA Logistics Managers Training Class Starts in SIP   08/05/2008
Suzhou Sends Higer Coaches to Serve Beijing Olympic Games   08/05/2008
American MaxNet System Enters SIP   07/28/2008
Johnson & Johnson Medical Device SIP Base Starts Operation   07/25/2008
SIP State Taxation Fulfills Targeted Annual Revenue   07/25/2008
YOCSEF Holds Symposium at SIP-IVT   07/25/2008
French-funded Sain-Gobain Abrasives Co. Commences Operation   07/25/2008
SIP Invites Experts to Lecture on Hotel Management   07/25/2008
First Batch of Teachers in Place at SIP Software & Service Outsourcing Institute   07/25/2008
SIP Holds Training in Hazardous Waste Management   07/25/2008
SIP Animation Public Technological Platform to Install "Unreal Engine"   07/19/2008
Korean-funded Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Enters SIP   07/18/2008
Suzhou Venture Capital As the Vanguard in Jiangsu Province   07/18/2008
Samsung Electronics Makes Successful Trial "Zone-Port Coordinated Operation"   07/18/2008
New Plant of Nissin Plastic Opens Operation   07/13/2008
Suzhou to Build Advanced E-commerce Training Base   07/13/2008
China's First 3D Film of Independent Original Creation Produced in Suzhou   07/13/2008
SIP Ferris Wheel's Central Axis Installed   07/13/2008
Premier Wen Visits SIP Inspection and quarantine Personnel   07/13/2008
SIP Leads in Cultural Undertaking Tax   07/09/2008
Premier Wen visits Suzhou Int'l Science Park Twice in 4 Years   07/09/2008
SIPIVT Shares Out IT Training Experience   07/08/2008
Ori's New 3D Animation Film to Be On in Summer Vacation   07/08/2008
Snail Game Goes the 6th ChinaJoy   07/08/2008
SIPHR and Enterprises Seek New Recruitment Ways   07/05/2008
Yan Li Meets GSK HK/China President Amy Huang   07/04/2008
Asian-Pacific Base of AQA International Authentication Completed   07/03/2008
SUBWAY Food Makes Debut in SIP Neighborhood Center   07/03/2008
SIP Sets Up Scholarships at Central South and Xi'an Jiaotong Universities   07/03/2008
CSSD Stock Co., Ltd. Holds Inauguration Meeting   07/02/2008
The First Commercial Estate in Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park Gets Underway   07/01/2008
2nd CSSD Board Meeting in 2008 Convenes in Suzhou   07/01/2008
SIP Claims the First Inspection-Exempted Export   06/29/2008
Suzsoft Rises to Top 20 ITO Enterprises of China   06/29/2008
Mayor Yan Li Meets with Guests from Singapore   06/29/2008
OSSC Website Launches Video Presentation of Service Procedure   06/26/2008
Suzhou eMEX to Open in October   06/26/2008
China Merchants Bank Headquarters Small Enterprise Credit Loan Center in Suzhou   06/26/2008
Nasdaq Stock Market Lectures in SIP   06/26/2008
SIP Appropriates 100 Million RMB to Guide Service Outsourcing   06/22/2008
Polartech Starts Operation in SIP   06/21/2008
SIP Animation Public Service Platform Goes into Operation   06/21/2008
Construction of Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway to Get Underway on July 1   06/20/2008
SIP Bonded Zone and Taicang Port in Aligned Operation   06/20/2008
Ma Zuoping Invited to Be First Consultant of SIP Microelectronic Industry   06/18/2008
3 SIP Enterprises Awarded Fund from Ministry of Information Industry   06/18/2008
Urban Ecological Planning and Construction Symposium Opens in Suzhou   06/17/2008
Operation Starts at Dushu Lake Scientific and Education Personnel Market   06/17/2008
Tan Ying Meets L'Oreal Asian Director   06/17/2008
Vesuvius Foseco Unites with Quake-Ravaged People   06/11/2008
German MR Group's Subsidiary Opens Business in SIP   06/10/2008
SIP IPR Service Center Upgraded to National Level   06/07/2008
Foundation Laid for Christian Church at Dushu Lake   06/07/2008
Nilit Nylon Technology Co. Commences Operation   06/06/2008
Sandman Animation Studio Wins Awards at 14th Shanghai TV Festival   06/04/2008
Global Advantage and Linkstec Rise to China's Top 20 Offshore Software Outsourcing Enterprises   06/04/2008
SIP Gives Presentations on Hi-tech and Service Outsourcing in UK   06/04/2008
Rama Dispatches 2.3-Million RMB Relief Supplies Urgently to Quake-hit Deyang   05/30/2008
SIP Starts Building Dushu Lake Science & Education Innovation Zone in Full Swing   05/29/2008
Wesco Sets Up Foothold in SIP Bonded Zone   05/27/2008
Kowloon Hospital Ready to Receive the Wounded from Quake Areas   05/27/2008
SIP Work on IPR Commended by the State   05/27/2008
IC Test Experts Gather in SIP for National Conference   05/26/2008
SIP Listed Among the First National Ecological Demonstration Industrial Parks   05/26/2008
Party Members in SIP Pay "Special Membership Dues" to Support Reconstruction in Quake Areas   05/24/2008
Jinji Lake Kempinsky Hotel Opens Business   05/23/2008
The 7th SIP Neighborhood Center Soon to Open   05/23/2008
Vermeiren Phase-2 Plant Commences Operation   05/23/2008
A Medical Device Manufacturing Tycoon Settles Down in SIP   05/23/2008
SIP Bonded Zone Makes Speedy Inspection and Clearance for Supplies Bound for Quake Areas   05/23/2008
SIP Medical and Health Sector Dispatches Urgently Needed Supplies for Disaster Areas   05/22/2008
Love Sinks Deep from Samsung Computer Employees   05/21/2008
Dushu Lake Higher Education Town in Active "Of-One-Mind" Relief Fund Raising and Donation for Quake-hit Areas   05/21/2008
Taiwan-invested Enterprises in SIP Cares for Quake-hit Countrymen   05/21/2008
CSSD Launches "Of-One-Mind" Mass Donation in Support of Quake-hit Areas   05/21/2008
SIP "Of One Mind" Relief Fund Raising and Donation Campaign Unfolds in Full Swing   05/20/2008
All Walks of Life in SIP Mourn the Victimized Compatriots in Wenchuan Quake-hit Regions   05/20/2008
The State Council Announces National Mourning Days From May 19 to 21   05/20/2008
SIP Times Plaza Progesses in Countdown   05/15/2008
Suzhou Sets Up the First Hinterland International Shipping Reservation Center   05/15/2008
2008XML Conference Convenes in Suzhou   05/15/2008
SIP Animation Industry Reaps 400 Million Turnover   05/15/2008
Industrial Bank Opens Sub-branch in SIP   05/08/2008
ISO/TC184/SC5 Convenes in Suzhou   05/06/2008
LOGISTICS TECH2008 Soon to Open in Suzhou   05/06/2008
CAS Suzhou Nanotech Institute Inaugurated   05/05/2008
Epic Games Enters SIP   05/05/2008
Isotron Sterilization Technology Co., Ltd. Breaks Ground in Loufeng Township   05/05/2008
Suzsoft Wins National Service Outsourcing Awards   04/30/2008
7,800 Taiwan-invested Enterprises Fare well in Suzhou   04/30/2008
Wang Rong and Yan Li meet Chin Siat Yoon and Yip Wei Kiat   04/30/2008
Animation Tycoons to Gather at 2008 XML in Suzhou   04/27/2008
Johnson & Johnson Operates 100 Million-dollar Medical Equipment Production Base in SIP   04/23/2008
Suzhou Municipality and Universities Strengthen Links of Cooperation   04/23/2008
US International Outsourcing Delegation Makes Second Visit to SIP   04/23/2008
Otsuka Pharmaceutical Lays Foundation in Suzhou   04/18/2008
The First CBZ in China Shows Fast Expansion   04/18/2008
The 5th China Test Conference to Be Held in Suzhou   04/18/2008
3M Sets Up First Micro-optical Engine Manufacturing Base in Suzhou   04/18/2008
SWEP Suzhou Plant Starts Operaion in Weiting Township   04/15/2008
Singa Plaza: Gourmet Street for Expatriates   04/14/2008
Itibia Technologies and MHT Technology Set Up Post-PhD Workstations   04/14/2008
AMD Suzhou Plant Wins "Advance Award for Achievements in Lean"   04/14/2008
GGB Bearing Starts Business in SIP   04/10/2008
BD Rapid Diagnostics Suzhou Plant Goes into Operation   04/10/2008
National Development Bank Backs Up SIP Industrial Restructuring   04/09/2008
Safran Expands Investment in Suzhou   04/09/2008
Yale Professor Lectures at Dushu Lake Higher Education Town   04/07/2008
In City to Open Next Year   04/07/2008
Suzhou Signs US$ 500 Million Contract of Service Outsourcing in India   04/07/2008
The Fist 3A Scenic Spot in SIP Officially Announced   04/04/2008
Two Lakes to Add Tourist Attraction in SIP   04/04/2008
Software Institutes in Dushu Lake Higher Education Town Unfold Cooperation and Exchange with Enterprises   04/03/2008
Suzhou-made Coach Once Again Wins Coach "Oscar Award"   04/03/2008
Suzhou to Set Up China's Largest BPO Training Center   04/03/2008
Neighborhood Center Wins "Best-growing Award"   04/02/2008
Fairchild Semiconductor (Suzhou) Logistic Center Goes Into Operation   04/01/2008
Wang Rong Meets Guests from Singapore   03/30/2008
"Jinji Lake" Cruiser Goes into Operation   03/30/2008
4 SIP Projects Goes Into National Torch Plan   03/29/2008
Wang Rong and Yan Li Meet Consul General of Singapore to Shanghai   03/28/2008
SIPUD Times Square Scheduled to Open on Sept. 28   03/28/2008
Carnegie Mellon University to Build "China Office" in Suzhou   03/27/2008
A Large Department Store to Appear by Central Park   03/26/2008
Yan Li Meets Guests from Singapore   03/24/2008
Industrial Tourism in SIP "Breaks Ice"   03/23/2008
SIP Holds Working Conference on Service Outsourcing   03/23/2008
50,000m2 Book Mall to Locate in SIP EBD   03/20/2008
Suzhou to Host 2008XML Animation Industry Conference   03/19/2008
SIP Appropriates 150 Million RMB to Build Demonstration Villages   03/14/2008
Uniwill Computer Grows Strong by Innovation   03/14/2008
Golden Cartoon Allies with Virgin Comics and Animation   03/12/2008
Wyeth to Build Largest Nutritional Plant in Suzhou   03/11/2008
"Music of Great Earth" Towers Over Jinji Lake Avenue   03/10/2008
NSTL Regional Service Platform Starts in SIP   03/10/2008
Taiyo Yuden Opens Business Operation   03/08/2008
GE Aviation System Enters SIP Bonded Zone   03/07/2008
Online Approval Improves Efficiency for Invitation of Expatriates   03/07/2008
SIP Science & Technology Association Inaugurated   03/07/2008
SIP and SND Approved as National Ecological Demonstration Zones   03/07/2008
Samsung and Qimenda Join 10-billionRMB Club   03/06/2008
Shengpu FMC Designated as Agricultural Hi-tech Enterprise   03/06/2008
China's First International Electronic Products Trading Base Gets Underway in Suzhou   03/06/2008
SIP Approved to Prepare China's First Software & Service Outsourcing Vocational Institute   03/03/2008
Gold Hua Sheng Paper Co. Accorded Honor of "Water-conserving Enterprise of Jiangsu"   02/29/2008
Suzhou to Host IC China 2008   02/28/2008
SIP Awards Incentives to Major Patent Applicants   02/27/2008
SIP Leads the Municipality in Fixed Asset Investment   02/27/2008
SIP Opens Inspection and Quarantine Clearance Channel through Taicang Port   02/27/2008
SIP Gives Financial Support to Public Technological Service Platforms   02/27/2008
IC Industry in SIP Hits 20 Billion RMB   02/22/2008
Suzhou Int’l Expo Center Signs Agreement with MHT   02/19/2008
Wang Rong Meets Guests from Singapore   02/16/2008
Suzsoft Retains Position in "Top 100 Global IT Service Providers"   02/16/2008
Luo Zhijun Meets Guests from Singapore   02/15/2008
Liang Baohua Meets Guests from Singapore   02/15/2008
HeJian Technology Wins National Semiconductor Innovation Award   02/15/2008
IPR Work in SIP Praised at Provincial Conference   02/09/2008
SIP Completes HR Index System   02/09/2008
Shanghai Vanke Allies with Suzhou Neighborhood Center   01/31/2008
Mayor Yan Li Meets National Development Minister of Singapore   01/31/2008
SIP Comprehensive Bonded Zone Announced as Demonstration Spot for Industrial Tourism   01/26/2008
SIP Sets Up Training Coordination Council   01/24/2008
National Development Bank and IDB Raise USD 350 Million VC Fund   01/22/2008
2 Local Elevator Manufacturers Join Hands with Xi'an Jiaotong University   01/21/2008
Advanced BPO Training to Unfold in SIP   01/20/2008
SIP to Become a "New Model" of Restructuring for China's Development Zones   01/19/2008
SIP Signs 8 More Overseas "Sister Schools"   01/17/2008
Customs Office Inaugurated at Comprehensive Bonded Zone   01/17/2008
5 SIP Enterprises Gets "Software & IC Funds"   01/17/2008
The Largest IC Design Service Enterprise in Asia Enters SIP   01/16/2008
Youseen New Medicine Opens Operation in SIP   01/16/2008
Volks Electronic Project Lays Foundation   01/16/2008
SIP in Transformation and Upgrading   01/15/2008
Suzhou Int'l Science Park Cooperates with Indian Hero Mindmine Co. in BPO Training   01/14/2008
4 Provincial-level Service Outsourcing Enterprises Added to SIP   01/11/2008
Barry Callebaut Chocolate Co. Opens in Suzhou   01/10/2008
Posco-Samsung Steel Works Starts Operation in SIP   01/10/2008
SIP Customs Introduces Multifold Speedy Clearance Ways   01/08/2008
Software Testing Center Builds a Technological Service Demonstration Platform   01/08/2008
SIP Post-PhD Workstation Gets RMB 100 Million Research Fund   01/07/2008
SIP Sets Goals for Next Round of Development   01/06/2008
SIP Organizes Service Outsourcing Enterprises in Information Security System Training   01/05/2008
Record High of 11.5 Billion RMB Tax Collection in SIP   01/05/2008
US International Service Outsourcing Delegation Gives Favorable Comment on Suzhou   01/05/2008
Suzhou's Thriving Animation Industry   01/04/2008
SIP Embarks on New Trail of Development   01/04/2008
McDonald' Opens First Drive-Thru Restaurant in Suzhou   01/03/2008
SIP Approved to Undertake Overseas Project in Laos   01/03/2008
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