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SIP International Shipping Co. Awarded "AAA Credibility"

China International Shipping Agents' Association recently held an award-giving ceremony and news release in Beijing on the first batch of enterprises of credibility in shipping and logistics. On the list of the awarded 104 enterprises of "AAA credibility" and 25 enterprises of "AA credibility", SIP International Shipping Co., Ltd. was the only shipping agent of "AAA credibility" from Suzhou.

Since its founding ten years ago, SIP International Shipping Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the principle of "customers first, and credibility above anything else" in meeting the logistic demands of all customers, and has maintained excellent relations of cooperation with dozens of domestic and international companies in SIP.

The evaluation on the credibility of shipping and logistics enterprises was undertaken by China International Shipping Agents' Association in July this year in the light of the "Notice on Strengthening Management on Evaluation Experimentation of Credibility", issued jointly by National State Assets Commission and National Rectification Office, and the requirements of "Management Methods in Evaluation of Enterprise Credibility" of the Association. The results of the evaluation was submitted to the third-party authentication by Beijing Futai Enterprise Credibility Evaluation Co., Ltd. of International E-commerce Center under Ministry of Commerce through strict procedure of "application, examination, initial evaluation, publicity, and final decision" to reflect truthfully the status of credibility of enterprises.

Dec. 24, 2007

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