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Bingling Library and Modern Building Win "Lu Ban" Awards

The 2007 annual prize awarding ceremony for "Lu Ban Awards", the prize for excellent construction engineering projects, was held at the newly completed Grand Theater in Beijing on Dec. 14. 95 construction projects were awarded the prizes, among which 9 came from Jiangsu Province, including the two from Suzhou, Bingling Library of the new campus of Soochow University and Modern Building of Suzhou Industrial Park.

Bingling Library of Soochow University, constructed by Suzhou kelida Construction and Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Suming Decoration Co., Ltd. under supervision of Jiangsu Zhenxing Engineering Supervisory Co., Ltd., covers a constructed area of over 30,000m2 with a height of 40 meters and designed capacity of 760,000 copies of book collection for 2,500 readers. The unique architectural design of "crystal lotus", equipped with modern facilities, is a landmark building in SIP Dushu Lake Higher Education Town.

The Modern Building in, the seat of administrative center of SIP, built by Zhejiang Baoye Construction Group under supervision of Jiangsu Jianke Construction Supervisory Co., Ltd., was designed by the well-known Lohan Architect Office of USA in a square shape with straight, perpendicular lines symbolizing the open, upright, and independent image of a government building. The 22-story building measures 98.5 meters in height, with 220 underground parking spaces. The building consists of three major functional areas, namely, offices, logistics, and public area for government services. The outdoor parking lots and gardens on both flanks for the landscaped settings.

Since the "Lu Ban Award" was founded in 1987 as the highest award for construction engineering projects in China, a total of 1,122 projects by 1,178 construction enterprises have been awarded the prize. In 2005, the Modern Logistics Building in SIP, constructed by Suzhou No.1 Construction Group, won the prize for the first time in SIP.

Dec. 19, 2007

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