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SIP Awards Scholarships in Beijing

SIP recently held a scholarship awarding ceremony at the Century Auditorium of Beijing University for the 2006-2007 school year, at which 16 undergraduate students and 24 postgraduates from Information Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Life Science, and Technological Schools of Beijing University were awarded a total of 200,000 RMB scholarships. It is the first occasion for SIP to award scholarships at Beijing University campus, and the act will continue for the next two years.

Xu zhihong, President of Beijing University and Member of CAS, and Lin Jianhua, Executive Vice-president of the school, received the representatives of the scholarship winners and expressed congratulations on their outstanding performance in study. Previously, SIP had held visited the famous university campuses in Beijing and held presentations on SIP, and the leaders and students of the prestigious universities in Beijing are paying more and more attention to the development trends in SIP.

Suzhou Industrial Park has embarked on the transformation towards technological R&D and modern service sector from manufacturing industries, and reserve of talents is major concern of SIP authorities, and it is in such background that SIP has initiated multiple forms of interactive cooperation with higher education institutions such as Beijing University and Qinghua University, either in talent recruitment service, post-PhD research, or scholarships for excellent students.

Dec. 13, 2007

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