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AMD Appoints VP to Take Charge of "Accelerated Computing"

AMD in a recent announcement appointed Mr. Mike Unhler, a respected expert and former Chief Technology Officer of MIPS Corporation, the special Vice-president to take charge of accelerated computing. Uhler is highly experienced and well read in the advanced chip development and designing of multi-IPR modules as well as the demands of customers in a series of applications.

Mr. Phil Hester, Senior Vice-president and CTO of AMD, expressed, "We are glad that the chip architect Mike has joined AMD and we believe that his participation will further enhance our superiority in design by applying more directly hardware and software in multi-workload designing and innovations."

AMD's accelerated computing research and development is geared towards specialized computing tasks to uplift the per-watt performance of every platform by using independent processors and accelerator cores integrated on chips.

Uhler said, "Both the types of information being processed and the data available for processing are in a state of variations, which causes major changes in the chip hardware and software. As a technological expert, I feel excited to meet such challenges and look forward to solutions through cooperation with my AMD partners."

Uhler will put his 30 years' experience in the technological fields into full swing at AMD. Previously, with an education background of bachelor of electronic engineering and master of computer sci3ence, he had been engineer at MIPS, engineering supervisor at Silicon Granphics, and senior consulting engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation. He owns 34 patent rights in the field of computing architecture.

Dec. 13, 2007

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