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SIP Draws Blueprint for Eastern New City

The latest general planning of urban Suzhou gives higher positioning and assigns more functions to SIP, which is to be built into the "eastern new city" with SIP as the core. In the recently approved master plan of urban Suzhou, the major regions of development is the eastern areas adjoining the western parts of Shanghai. The positioning and development mode of SIP will produce strong impact on the cities and towns in the entire Yangtze delta region, and the transformation of "industrial park" into the "new city" will play an exemplary role in the whole country.

SIP Administrative Committee (Sipac) held an experts' consultancy conference on Nov. 23 on "SIP (Eastern New City) Regional Planning 2007-2020", attended by experts of SIP Consultancy Committee (including Zhang Quan, former Vice-director of Provincial Bureau of Construction, Wang Jingxia, Advisor of the State Council, Prof. Chen Bingzhao of Tongji University, and Prof. Cui Gonghao of Nanjing University, etc.) and leaders of departments concerned in SIP.

The experts examined and commented on the text, notes, and drawings of the SIP regional planning, and gave suggestions on the sub-zone planning. The planning department is now making necessary preparations to submit the sub-zone planning for official approval.

Nov. 27, 2007

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