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New Leaps in Tourism in SIP

"Baitang Ecological Botanical Garden" in SIP recently passed the assessment and evaluation by experts' group of the Provincial Tourist Scenic Area Evaluation Committee and became the first Grade-AAA scenic spot in SIP.

Baitang Ecological Botanical Garden is a large-scale urban ecological park opened in May 2006, and has so far received 300,000 visitors. The rich plant varieties in the ecological setting and modern facilities for leisure here are making the spot a new tourist attraction.

To turn the urban park into a scenic spot of tourist attraction, SIP Bureau of Social Undertakings has been endeavoring to build the park into a national Grade-AAA scenic spot since April with 3 million RMB investment to improve the functions of tourist center, guide system, commercial and leisure facilities. A number of water-borne entertainment activities have been launched according to the requirements of tourist spots. The approval of the park as a Grade-AAA scenic spot has upgraded the tourism profile and promoted the leap in tourism industry in SIP.

Taitang Ecological Botanical Garden is now aiming to improve functions and management and to build wider reputation at the tourist market, and will eventually apply for national Grade-AAAA scenic spot.

SIP authorities have drawn up plans to build a demonstration spot of industrial tourism in China to achieve new leaps in tourism industry by speeding up the construction of 5-star hotels and comprehensive bonded zone under the guidance of provincial and municipal tourism administrations.

Nov. 16, 2007

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