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Ching Leung Hi-tech Opens in Loufeng Township

Ching Leung Hi-tech (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. announced official opening on Oct. 28 at eastern Loufeng Township, SIP. Attendees of the opening ceremony were leaders from Sipac, Loufeng Township government, representatives of industrial circles, and customers from China and abroad.

The company, which occupies a land of 60 mu with US$ 20 million registered capital, is a technological enterprise in the field of new materials. High-molecular and alloy materials are the main products of the company. By quality products and good service through its business chain, Ching Leung is fast gaining prestige and market shares, and according to the plan for public listing, Ching Leung Hi-tech (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. will become the controlling entity of the future listed company. The establishment of China Leung Co. will add vitality and motive force to the new material industry in Loufeng.

Nov. 1, 2007

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