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Suzhou Monorail Project to Commence Construction Before the End of the Year

Suzhou light rail traffic project, which was officially approved by the State Council in February this year, is now ready to commence construction as the feasibility report on No.1 Route was recently approved by National Development and Reform Commission, according to sources from department concerned. The next step will be to submit the project designs to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission to complete the approving procedure, and then to go into bidding. Judging from the progress, the construction project can be started up before the end of the year.

Suzhou began the study on urban rail traffic in 1996 and sped up the project research and planning in 2002. On Feb. 5 this year, the construction project was approved by the State Council, which is the first instance in China for a city at prefect level to obtain state permission to build an urban monorail project. According to the approved plan, Suzhou will first build the No.1 monorail Route from east to west.

The No.1 route will begin from the eastern side of Tianping Hill, on the northern flank of Mudu Township, Wuzhong District, extend into Suzhou New District along Zhuyuan Road, turn on to Zhangjiang Road, pass by Suzhou Amusement Land, continues along Dengwei Road, go underground to cross the Grand Canal, enter SIP by way of Ganjiang Road, and go eastward along Zhongxin Road, Suhua Road, and terminate at Zhongnan Street, with altogether 24 terminals and a total distance of 25.74 kilometers. The total investment will be approximately 12.2 billion RMB.

Oct. 31, 2007

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