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SIP Gives Presentation in Beijing and Qinghua Universities

SIP held presentation meetings at the renowned Beijing and Qinghua Universities respectively on Oct. 27 and 28 under the sponsorship of SIP Organization and Personnel Bureau with coordination by SIP Human Resource Development Co., Ltd. At the two meetings, Xia Fang, Member of SIP Party Working Committee and Director of SIP Organization and Personnel Bureau, signed "Agreement on Talent and Cooperation Between SIP and Qinghua University" with Cheng Jianping, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of Qinghua University, and "Agreement on Cooperation in Employment Service with Beijing University", "Agreement on Joint Post-PhD Training", and "Agreement on SIP Scholarship" with Ma Huaxiang, Director of Students Working Department of Beijing University. At the presentation at Qinghua University, SIP awarded scholarship to 40 students. The two occasions signified a new breakthrough in SIP's efforts to introduce high-level talents.

Since SIP is now experiencing the crucial stage of transformation from traditional manufacturing industries to technological research and service industry, and the quality of talents has become a determinant factor in personnel supply, SIP authorities have taken the initiative to carry out cooperation with Beijing University and Qinghua University in personnel service, Post-PhD program, and scholarships so as to steadily back up the supply of talents.

So far SIP has allied with Beijing University and Qunghua University in enrolling PhD students in applied economics and Post-PhD students in auto industry, and by employing the resources of their Post-PhD research stations, SIP has helped SIP enterprises to recruit Post-PhD research personnel. A new mode of talent training is now being established through the joint efforts of schools, manufacturers, and research institutions to serve SIP enterprises.

SIP has for the first time set up "SIP Scholarships" at Beijing University and Qinghua University with 200,000 RMB at each school, which will be awarded to 80 students of outstanding performance for the next three consecutive years. The act will encourage more students to be acquainted and inclined to SIP in their future employment.

Following the presentations, the participating enterprises from SIP, mostly of hi-tech industry and hi-tech service sector, carried out recruitment campaigns at the two universities with satisfactory results. Dr. Zhang Baoshun of Suzhou Nanotech and Nanobionics Institute, for example, was more than happy to find over 70% of the applicants exactly what he had been expecting. Some of technology companies from SIP signed letter of intent with student applicants for future recruitment.

Oct. 30, 2007

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