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National Architecture Exhibition Landed in Suzhou

"China National Architecture Exhibition", held for the first time in Suzhou from Nov. 1 to 3 at Suzhou International Exposition Center, offers visitors a kaleidoscopic collection of architectural forms of various regions of China.

The full name of the exhibition is "Exhibition of Planning and Achievements of Chinese National and Regional Architecture and Architectural and Garden Decoration Materials and Utilities". In the 2,000m2 exhibition area are displayed the achievements in urban planning in ethnic Chinese regions and cities and rural towns of Shanxi, Yunnan, Jilin, and Anhui Provinces. Suzhou is also one of the exhibitors. Citizens are all given free admission to the show.

During the exhibition, the sponsor, China National Architectural Society, will hold a forum on "sustainable development of Chinese national architectural culture" and organized discussions on the topic of "inheriting and innovation".

At present, China has 669 cities, over 2,000 counties, and large numbers of towns and villages, but unfortunately, some of the regions have lost their original architectural characteristics by merely modeling after other regions and the sameness and anonymity prevailed in some of the regions. An important reason for holding the current event in Suzhou is that Suzhou has retained its personality in planning and construction, and remains a "city of the most typical Chinese features".

Oct. 30, 2007

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