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Starkey Donates Hearing Aid to Special Olympic Game Athlete

Mao Wei, an athlete from Suzhou who has just taken part in the recent Special Olympic Games, received from Starkey Hearing System (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. a custom-made hearing set worth of 20,000 RMB. It is a special gift that gave Mao Wei "healthy ears" he had missed for years.

Mao Wei has won many prized at provincial, national and world sports competitions. In the recent 2007 Olympic Games for the Disabled, his soccer team won the bronze medal for China. To commend his contribution to the sports meet, the American-funded Starkey Hearing System (Suzhou) Co, Ltd. volunteered to make a hearing aid for Mao and provide life-long maintenance service, which deeply moved Mao.

Oct. 31, 2007

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