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SIP Holds forum on Outsourced Service and Technological Cooperation in USA

SIP Administrative Committee (Sipac) held a successful forum in Boston, USA, on outsourced service and technological cooperation on Oct. 22, with the attendance of over 200 representatives from American enterprises, industrial associations, and agencies.

In his speech at the forum, Ma Minglong, Chairman of Sipac, stressed the superior conditions of the technological innovation and outsourced service industries in SIP and expressed invitation to the businessmen present to visit and invest in SIP. SIP views Boston as a major region for promoting investment in technology and outsourced service industries in SIP on account of the great of concentration of advanced education, research institutions, hi-tech enterprises and venture capital investment companies in the Boston area.

At the session, representatives from hi-tech enterprises expressed intent of field survey in SIP. An association of hi-tech enterprises of Boston showed strong inclinations for cooperation with SIP by confirming the visit to SIP in the near future by a delegation of several hi-tech biological companies, headed by the governor of Massachusetts State.

Enterprises represented in the forum are generally known for hi-tech achievements. Doc. Wang Xingzhong, an acknowledged world leader in cardiac disease research, expressed his intention to introduce his patents registered in over 30 countries to SIP.

Several famous outsourced service and technological companies in USA paid much attention to the forum.  Mr. Jin Weiguo, Chairman of China Region of Staples, the world-famous office equipment retailer, who made a special trip to attend the event, expressed the confidence of Staples global HQ in full cooperation with SIP, and plans to cooperate with manufacturers like UPS in China.

During its stay in Boston, the SIP delegation paid visits to Staples, Momenta, highland Venture Capital, and other hi-tech or venture capital institutions. The delegation plans to extend its investment promotion campaign in New York, North Carolina, and Silicon Valley, etc.

Oct. 23, 2007

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