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AMD Joins Eclipse to Forge Strong Alliance

A recent announcement of AMD honored its commitment by joining Eclipse Foundation in California to contribute to the Eclipse community with its rich professional experience in a consistent spirit of cooperation and innovation and to help push forward the standardization of expandable development platform and application framework.

Mr. Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of Eclipse Foundation, said: "We are an organization of prestigious companies and individuals dedicated to the establishment and standardization of an open, extensive development platform and application framework. We hope that the participation of AMD will contribute to the Eclipse community."

The recently-launched AMD 4-core Opteron processor, which is a continuation of AMD's tradition to offer solutions to customers with reduced total ownership cost, adopts a similar thermal power design as the dual-core on a single silicon chip integrated with 4 x86 processing cores, and greatly improves the efficiency and performance of the processor. Through partnership with industrial chain, AMD further reinforces the 4-core micro-framework and improves software application like virtualization.

Mr. Earl Stahl, Vice-president in charge of software engineering of AMD, said, "AMD's participation in Eclipse Foundation is a milestone for AMD in the consistent provision of high-capability computing technology based on open standards for our customers. The Eclipse community, which aims to build up development platforms and application frameworks, has created the software to optimize multi-core technology, and by joining Eclipse, AMD will provide powerful support for such efforts."

Oct. 17, 2007

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