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AMD Wins 2007 Best Supplier Award of Sun Inc.

In the incentive program of Sun Inc. of California for suppliers in the year 2007, AMD was elected to be the best chip supplier of the year on Oct. 16 for outstanding performance in providing superior technology and quality service to customers.

Mr. Randy Allen, Vice-president and Operation GM of Server Workstation of AMD, said, "Since 2003, we have been in close cooperation with Sun Inc. and jointly launched the most innovative x64 platform based on AMD's Opteron processor and made a series of world records in the performance of Solaris-10 operation system. The award is a clear indication of our steady relations of cooperation with Sun and the overall superiority of AMD's ceaseless support of the market. The tradition of the allied innovation by Sun and AMD will continue to prevail in the forthcoming system based on AMD's 4-core Opteron processor."

The best supplier award is the result of evaluation of suppliers of similar products and service to encourage the best-performing supplier in the field, with consideration of the fast-expanding suppliers in Sun's fiscal year.

Mr. Eugene McCabe said, "Our customer-oriented logistic mode means our dependence on the support of supply chain and flexible decisions. We congratulate these top suppliers, whose assistance has enabled us to build a world reputation for prompt delivery and advanced capability."

Oct. 17, 2007

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