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Suzhou Logistics Center Implements "Outbound" Strategy

Suzhou Logistics Center and Prologis, the world’s largest logistics facility developer and service provider, once again joined hands in the ground breaking of the jointly-invested project of Wangting International Logistics Park, Xiangcheng District of Suzhou, on Sept. 26. The project was operated by Suzhou Prologis Wangting Logistics Park Development Co., Ltd., which was established jointly by Suzhou Logistics Center and Prologis on June 13, 2007 with USD 29.8 million. The first phase of the project will cover a land area of 185,904m2 and 7 warehouse buildings of international standard with a total planned floorage of 90,000m2. The first three buildings of 33,372m2 will be completed by September 2008.

Suzhou Logistics Center has gathered rich experience in planning, management and procedural designing of logistics park over the past years’ growth, and now, encouraged by Sipac, is focusing attention on expanding its profile and brand name with strengthened state assets. The alignment with Prologis in developing Wangting Logistics Park is one of such steps to implement the "outbound" strategy by exporting its brand name, management, and software in an attempt to build up a national operation network.

Suzhou Prologis Wangting Logistics Park enjoys excellent geographical position as a transportation hub by fringing on Wangyu River, overlooking Wuxi on the north, bordering on Round-Suzhou Highway, facing Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal on the west, and adjoining Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway on the east. The park will fully employ its superior location to develop high-quality warehousing facilities to meet the logistic  demands in the Yangtze delta region.

The park is only 7 kilometers from Shuofang Airport of Wuxi, accessible by land, water, and air transportation through expressways, state highways, the Grade-3 navigation waterway of the Grand Canal, Shanghai-Nanjing Railway, and planned speedy inter-city railway, etc.

Comprehensive services to be unfolded at Prologis Wangting Park will include warehousing, distribution, connected land and water shipment, packaging, assembling and processing, and information consulting, etc. Based on its superior geographical location, the park with offer high quality warehousing facilities for third-party logistics suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers.

The first project undertaken by Prologis is Suzhou Logistics Park, which was development in cooperation with Suzhou Logistics Center in May 2004. The park currently holds 335,000m2 of modern warehouses with an entry rate of over 95%. Thanks to the policy of bonded zone, fast customs clearance, and facilities of international standards, the park has attracted over 30 well-known Chinese and foreign logistics companies, retailers, and manufacturers. The internationalized logistics platform has greatly promoted the investment environment in SIP.

Oct. 10, 2007

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