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Retired SIP Government Officials Visit
Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park

On the eve of National Day, the retired officials of SIP government visited Suzhou Suqian Industrial Park in high spirits. Mr. Shen Xiaoying, Deputy Mayor of Suqian, Secretary of SSIP and Chairman of SSIP Administrative Committee, gave the retired cadres an account of the industrial park and led them on a tour of the construction sites. The retired SIP officials inquired into the preparations, management system, land planning, financing, and investment promotion of SSIP. They showed great concern for the first "SIP project outside of SIP" and were inspired to see SSIP taking shape in the initial stage.

The retired SIP cadres have all contributed to the initiation and early development of SIP and acquired rich experience in SIP construction. From retrospect of the course of development of SIP, they offered valuable suggestions to the development of SSIP.

Sept. 30, 2007

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