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A New Taoist Temple to Be Erected in East Suzhou

A foundation laying ceremony was held for Yuhuang Temple by the Xietang River bank, SIP, on Sept. 28, attended by Ling Min, Deputy Secretary-general of Suzhou Municipal Government, leaders concerned from the municipal People's Congress and Political Consultative Conference, Wang Kejun, Director of Municipal Bureau of Religion and Ethnic Nationalities, Zhang Fengling, Vice-president of China Taoist Association, Yang Shihua, President of Jiangsu Provincial Taoist Association, and Hua Xuexing, Director of SIP Bureau of Social Undertakings, etc.

Yuhuang Temple, formerly known as Zhang Wu Wang Temple (popularly called Zhang Wang Temple), was originally located at Shengdun Village of the former Xuetang Township (within the present SIP area under China-Singapore cooperation), with a history of over 600 hundred years. With the Phase-2 and Phase-3 development and construction of SIP, the had to be relocated to give way to the general planning of the area, and now, the decision was approved by provincial and municipal authorities to rebuild the Taoist temple on an altered site.

The new temple premises are located on the green grounds at Songjiang Road, Xuetang Industrial Zone, Xuetang Township, with a planned area of 2.23 hectares. The design of the temple follows the principle of "compact and exquisite" in a austere symmetrical form of Taoist temples. Delicate and quaint classical buildings in the style of the southern Yangtze delta region are well blended with the greenery, bridges, and waterways in its surroundings and give off a refreshing and relaxing feel.

The Taoist temple will end the absence of Taoist temple in the eastern part of Suzhou and meet the needs of the popular religious followers in the eastern regions of Suzhou, and add a new element to the cultural and tourism industry of SIP and Loufeng Township.

Yuhuang Temple was expected to complete by the first half of 2008.

Sept. 28, 2007

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