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Wang Rong Meets Senior L'Oreal Official

Wang Rong, Executive Member of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee, met President of L'Oreal Asia, and his entourage on the evening of Sept. 24 at Sheriton Suzhou Hotel.

Wang Rong first expresses warm welcome to the French guests on their visit to Suzhou, and says that L'Oreal, as one of the early investors in Suzhou, has enjoyed great popularity in China, and has achieved excellent economic results in recent years. Wang points out that L'Oreal attaches great importance to environmental protection in the course of its fast growth, and has played an exemplary role for other chemical enterprises. He hopes that L'Oreal will continue to develop from its Suzhou base and carry out in-depth cooperation with Suzhou in extended fields. Wang pledges that Suzhou will continue to provide good service for L'Oreal's development.

The president of L'Oreal Asia says that L'Oreal Suzhou Plant is turning out more products than anywhere else in Asia, with over 40% of its output being exported to other parts of Asia, and that Suzhou is the cradle for future development of L'Oreal, for environmental protection policies, and for high-quality cosmetics. He expresses thanks for the support of Suzhou authorities.

Present at the meeting was Mr. Tan Gongjiao, Director of Municipal Foreign Affairs Office.

Sept. 25, 2007

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