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AMD Adds 3-Core Processors to Production Plan

On Sept. 17, AMD (NYSE: AMD) announced the inclusion in the production plan of the AMD 3-core PhemonTM processor for desktop products, which hopefully might become the first PC processor with 3 computing cores integrated on the single silicon chip, providing a truly multi-core technology for better visual effect, performance and multi-function processing for a wider range of customers. With an advanced platform and new generation of configuration, AMD 3—core PhemomTM processor will be launched in the first quarter of 2008 at the market, and is expected to be the first x86 3-core desktop processor in the industry. By offering customers unique multi-core platform with extended product series, AMD will further prove itself to be the smarter choice for customers. AMD 4-core processor is already in the planning for the spring of 2008.

Mr. Greg White, Vice-president and GM of AMD Desktop Product Division, expressed: "The advanced multi-core technology has enabled us to introduce a series of advanced desktop solutions to help customers and end users to make more sensible choices. This innovation is the first 4-core design in our development and the result of inflexible integration of 2, 3, and 4 computing cores on a single silicon chip. AMD has always persisted in the concept of customer first in innovation, and devoted to cooperation with OEMs so as to provide product series of attractive values to live up to the customers' expectations."

The AMD 3-core PhemomTM processor aims to meet the demands for high performance in operating the most sophisticated application software. As is indicated in Mercury Research Company report, the 4-core processor consisted on less than 2% of the sales of desktop units in the second quarter of the year, which AMD interprets as a proof that more multi-core solutions are demanded on the market. AMD 3-core PhemomTM processor will serve as a catalyst for wider application of multi-core processors and for further expansion of product series.

Mr. Bill Mitchell, Vice-president of Microsoft Hardware Systems, responded to initiation of AMD 3-core PhemomTM processor by saying: "Microsoft is delighted to see this innovative technology being launched by AMD. We believe that the 3-core processor will bring to the world an uplifted performance of computing, and we are trying to bring its superior capability into better play in Microsoft product series."

The forthcoming AMD multi-core Phenom processor series possess integrated memory control, which greatly improves the performance of production, content creation, entertainment, and games. The HyperTransportTM 3.0 and the minimum 16GB/s broadband 1/0 in the AMD multi-core Phenom processor can provide optimum video experience and hi-fi vidio and game solutions with high-speed network interface. Besides, Cool'n'QuietTM 2.0 technology supports independent frequency readjustment on each core, and HyperTransport and memory make the PC more cool and quiet. 

In comparison with the dual-core processor, the 3-core processor will display noticeable superior capability in the basic testing in some major industrial standardizations, such as SYSmark 2007 and 3D Mark 2006.

Mr. Richard Shim, Research Manager of PC Project of IDC Co., said, "The commitment to the design of first-class innovative processors will push forward the reform of technological industries. The launch of 3-core processors will create a favorable market opportunity and give terminal users an attractive solution. It will also promote the further diversification of the desktop market."

Sept. 24, 2007

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