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UPG Suzhou Plant Certified for ISO-13485

UPG (United Plastic Group Inc.) Suzhou Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the authentication of ISO 13458:2003 certification, the international quality management system standard for Grade-2 medical apparatus manufacturers, by the end of 2006 and became the fourth on the list of the certified medical apparatus plants, the others being in Chicopee, Massachusetts, and Fremont, California of USA, and Mexico. As a global contracted manufacturer, UPG will strictly abide by the ISO standards, and help those OEM manufacturers to shift their production to China.

UPG Suzhou plant is located at Zone B of SIP Export Processing Zone with purification, precession plastic slip casting and assembling equipment certified by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Besides, UPG has another manufacturing facility and a mold-making plant in SIP.

"ISO 13485:2003 certification will give considerable superiority to our production and enable us to offer much better service to our customers in the design and making of molds, quality control, product assembling, packaging, supply chain management, and anti-bacterial systems," said Mr. Thomas Opielowski, UPG Asian Vice-president. He told reporters with pride, "We have been always been looked upon by our customers as the very top manufacturer of Class-2 medical apparatus in China."

"Our pricing is competitive at the market, and our all-round quality service is based on the reliable and unbeatable standards from USA," said Mr. Matt Langton, Vice-president of UPG. "Ever since our entry in China, we have maintained long-term close relations of cooperation with our American and European counterparts, and helped them to transfer their existing projects to UPG China."

The service of UPG includes plastic slip casting of parts and the designing, molding, processing of final products, and project management, and supply chain management. Apart from medical apparatus, the company is also highly accomplished at the electronic, consumer goods, and auto markets.

Sept. 14, 2007

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