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Clusters of Laboratories Spring Up at Dushu Lake

Sichuan University made a recent decision to set up "Sichuan University Research Institute" at Dushu Lake Higher Education Town, SIP, and add to the number of laboratories there.

There are currently 11 laboratories in the Higher Education Town, some being national major labs, some at provincial and ministerial levels, and other three being engineering centers approved by Ministry of Education. With the entry of Sichuan University, the number of labs will grow to 20 within the year. By 2010, the various research institutes will reach the number of 100.

At the wireless and information security major lab, 30 MA members and 6 enterprise engineers are engaged in GPS series of products and wireless and set-in systems, some of which belong to National No. 863 and 242 projects.

CAS Suzhou Research Institute has a team of 140 MA and PhD students led by 18 CAS tutors in the R&D of computer, integrated electrical machinery, water environment, and applied math, and working at 6 national-level major lab projects with one international project pending approval.

The effort to introduce clusters of labs into the Higher Education Town is to build scientific research platform and make it an "engine" to propel the development of Suzhou. The municipal government and SIP authorities give consistent support in policy and finance for all institutions that enter here to set up labs. The equipment procurement, for instance, is financed by SIP Education Investment Company, so that the equipment can be shared among other research institutions and the inter-open labs become a public lab platform.

The selection of the labs are strictly in conformity to the requirements of local economic development, and the talents so trained will mostly stay on in Suzhou.

Sept. 14, 2007

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