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Regalia Resort Hotel Opens at Li Gong Di Island

Regalia Classic Resort Hotel, invested and managed by the world-famous Grand Central Holdings Ltd. (GCH), opened for business on Sept. 12 on the tip of the secluded Li Gong Di Island, SIP, adding another luxury leisure getaway in Suzhou.

The resort hotel occupies a land area of 4,000m2, and provides stylish suites, F&B, and Thai-style spa. Romantically and harmoniously set on Jinji Lake with water on three sides and in much the same style as Pukeh Island and Maldives holiday resorts blended with Chinese architectural elements, the hotel offers a natural, tranquil retreat from the hectic life of the city.

The hotel has 45 guest rooms in a variety of designs: some facing gardens, some command lake views, some suited as business suits. The outdoor massage parlor adjoins the lakeshores in relaxing air, and the 5 spa rooms are all built on the scenic spots of the lake. There are also swimming pools in the near vicinity of the lake.

Great attention has been paid to the details of designs in the whole compound. Stone sculptures, the candle-lit road lamps, greenish purple drapes, all bespeak the exotic Southeastern Thai style.

Sept. 12, 2007

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