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SIP Financial Revenue Hits Record High in August

Local financial revenue of SIP in August hit a record high of 5.6314 billion RMB, which breaks down in 2.1088 billion RMB from state tax, 3.3446 billion RMB from local tax, and 178 million RMB from financial earnings. An accumulated total of 53.2103 billion RMB was added up from January to August, making up 85.8% of the annual target with 37.6% increase.

Of the total revenue, the state tax contributed 2.17945 billion RMB, with 31.7% increase, the local tax 2.85906 billion RMB, with 44.9% increase, and financial earnings 282.52 million RMB, with 18.3% increase.

In terms of taxation, the VAT contributed 1.47661 billion RMB (31.7% increase), business tax 1.50477 billion RMB (47.9% increase), enterprise income tax 877.96 million RMB (23.5% increase), personal income tax 327.78 million RMB (19.3% increase), and property transfer tax 244.4 million RMB (17.2% increase).

The expenditure from January to August amounted to 2.1583 billion RMB, with 3.4% increase over the corresponding period of last year.

Sept. 13, 2007

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