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First Drive-through McDonalds in Suzhou to Open in Weiting Township

An agreement was signed for the first auto restaurant, Drive-thru McDonalds, to enter Weiting Township, SIP. This will be the third drive-thru McDonalds restaurant in independent operation in Jiangsu Province.

At the Drive-thru McDonalds, the drivers can receive fast food service without leaving their vehicles. Located at Qingjian Lake Commercial Square, the 2-storeyed 470-m2 restaurant  has 100 indoor seats and 20 open-air seats, and will operate around the clock Its car park can accommodate 37 vehicles.

The McDonalds Management selected the location for the drive-thru restaurant on account of the bright prospect of the new developing urban district along the lakeshore at Weiting Township, where administrative and commercial districts, deluxe residential areas are being formed to offer favorable business conditions.

Sept. 12, 2007

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