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SIP Environment for IPR Protection in Constant Improvement

Sourced from SIP Bureau of Science and Technology reported a decision by SIP authorities to set up a 10-million RMB fund for IPR protection. The fund will be Itemized in SIP annual budget and mainly be used to assist enterprises in lawsuits against infringement upon their intellectual property rights.

Since the beginning of the year, SIP has gone all out to build and optimize the IPR Protection system in line with the fast-growing economy, and to speed up the construction of IPR public service platform.

SIP, being the first national IPR experimental park in China, is endeavoring to build up a national demonstration park for technological innovation with clear awareness of the interrelation between innovation and IPR protection. Su Bo, Vice-chairman of Sipac, tell reporters that SIP is now in a crucial stage of industrial upgrading and implementation of technological leaps plan, and that with the entry of numerous R&D institutions, animation industrial enterprises, and outsourced service industries, more attention is called for in improving the IPR protection platform. Su said, "It is not enough to protect IPR merely by administrative means. Only by judicial protection can we build up a truly adequate IPR protection system."

In SIP, united actions are being organized by IPR administrative organs, police department, law court, and procurators on regular basis to deal blows at infringements on business secrets, trademark rights, patent rights and copyrights.

Sept. 8, 2007

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