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Tomkins: Be a good enterprise citizen with responsible attitude for the community

Tomkins Asian HSE Conference, Sponsored by Tomkins Plc of UK, was held at Shangri-la Hotel, Suzhou, on June 26-27. It was the first time for this annual event to be held in China. Participants consisted of delegates from Tomkins headquarter in UK, Gates headquarters in USA, Gates Australia, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, and China. SIP government officials and consultants from respectable multinational HSE consulting agencies were invited to the conference and gave inspiriting presentations. 


The fact that Suzhou was chosen as the location for Tomkins' Asian HSE conference reflects that investment in Suzhou is of more and more critical importance to the business development of Tomkins. Besides, the fact that Gates Unitta Suzhou Company was accredited for ISO14001 certification in 2001 and OHSAS18001 certification in 2007 added to Tomkins Group's confidence in the quality of the event in Suzhou.

During the HSE Conference, SIP government offered great support to the conference. Jiang Xiaojun, Director of SIP Environment Protection Bureau, introduced the environment management trend in China and SIP, illustrated the concept and practice of recycling economy and green construction. Jun Yao, responsible member from SIP Disease Prevention and Control Center, gave a presentation on the OH regulations, disease prevention and recent government focus on OH issues. The delegates at the conference, especially the senior management from corporate headquarters, gained a better understanding of China and SIP environment management and OH management policy, current status, and best practices. They were surprised about the achievement of SIP government in terms of HSE management and were more confident about SIP investment environment. They expressed their interest to introduce some of the experience to their own facilities.

"Be a good enterprise citizen with responsible attitude for the community wherever we operate" has always been the guideline in the operation of Tomkins Group, and effective HSE management is a reflection of such social responsibility. Corp. sr. management Millie Woryk and Amy Wright, Gates VP-HR Mark, and HSE top management Randy and Chris covered many topics focus on social responsibility, such as HSE Excellence Model, HSE KPI Database management, social responsibility requirement, HSE threshold requirements, and contribution of HSE activities to business, etc. They also discussed with all delegates about prevention from resource and energy saving practices. Their speeches laid a solid foundation for enhancement of HSE management in Asian Tomkins facilities.  

HSE delegates from Tomkins Asian facilities shared with all participants about best management practice in contractor management, accident prevention and awareness promotion, discussed issues and concerns in HSE management. Consultants from ERM and ENSR delivered lectures on Inherent Safety and GHS that offered long-term direction for HSE development in certain areas.  During the 2-day sessions, several of Tomkins locations won accolades for excellence in environmental achievements for the year 2006.

Sept. 10, 2007

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