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Shengpu Experimental Primary School Completed

Shengpu Experimental Primary School in SIP, which took 50 million RMB investment, was officially opened after the completion of construction on Sept. 9. The school occupies a land area of 50,000m2 and has 16,000m2 floorage by the provincial architectural standard for experimental primary schools with junior middle school sections. The campus is so  designed as to impart a vivid and varied atmosphere, and the major building's functions are catered to children's natural inclinations.

Shengpu Primary School, in transformation to urbanized school, has always adhered to the education concept of "building up a free development environment", and sought after all-round personalized and self-determining development among the teachers and students. A series of curricula courses with local features are opened at the school to forge a unique brand of its own.

Graduation rate at Shengpu Primary School is 100% both in primary and junior middle sections, whereas the entry rate for 3-year-olds reached above 96% at its affiliated kindergarten.

Sept. 10, 2007

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