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Lifestyle Leisure Zone Takes Shape at Yuanrong Times Square

As the last concrete block was slip cast on top of Building A in Land Parcel S2 east of Jinji Lake, SIP, all framework was completed in the construction of the Lifestyle Leisure Zone of Yuanrong Times Square, consisting of 6 individual buildings.

Yuanrong Times Square is the largest commercial real estate project in scale ever unertaken in the history of Suzhou, with multi-polarized functions in retail business, F&B, entertainment, commerce, tourism, leisure and culture, totaling 510,000 square meters in construction area. The zone is divided into 5 functional areas: commerce and office buildings, modern shopping arcade, lifestyle leisure, F&B, and the first 100,000m2 shopping mall in Suzhou. The zone is accessible from 6 subway exits and served by a car park with 4,000-vehicle parking spaces. The LCD screen, 500 meters in length, is a record size in Suzhou. Waterborne buses, Arial Corridor, super-large square, 9 thematic scenic spots, and splendid night scenes, all these will make the square the busiest new CBD, as well a landmark commercial building complex, in Suzhou's urban area.

The Lifestyle Leisure Zone is geared to family consumption. Several specialized emporiums, including house appliances, digital goods, and children's utensils, cater for household needs. The children-favored ToysRUs, a chain of 1,400 t stores hat have sprung up in over 30 countries and regions, will open its second Chinese store here.

Marketing for Yuanrong Times Square is going on in full swing. On Aug. 29, SK Group of Korea, one of the Fortune-500 enterprises, signed with the Yuanrong Times Square Management to move into the commercial area.

The shopping center at Yuanrong Times Square is also carrying out cooperation with HK Lifestyle International Holdings Ltd., owner of Sogo Department Store. The Yuanrong Times Square is scheduled to open for business on Oct. 10.

Aug. 31, 2007

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