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SIP Organizes Special Training in Outsourced Service

In the economic globalization in recent years, the developed countries are staging a wave of transfer of outsourced service to the developing countries. Jiangsu Province, viewing this as a strategic opportunity, has been actively pushing forward the development of outsourced service. Lately, SIP Bureau of Economic and Trade Development, in coordination with the one-stop service station, organized a specialized training course in outsourced service for enterprises concerned. A series of lectures were given on topics like "analysis on global market of outsourced service", "the Innovation and opportunity of China's outsourced service", "China's comprehensive competitiveness in outsourced service", "the status quo of outsourced service in SIP", "the characteristics of SIP outsourced service", and "major approaches to the development of SIP outsourced service industry", etc.

Aug. 22, 2007

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