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"SPF-epaper" – A New Channel of Publicity

The SIP Provident Fund (SPF) Management Center published the first issue of its electronic magazine "SPF-epaper" in July as a positive measure to enhance publicity and keep the SPF members constantly informed of the policies and working procedures. The magazine is a carrier of interactive exchanges between the management center and SPF members, and will address all the questions of general concern in a timely manner.

The electronic magazine, published on a monthly basis, will be sent to the personnel manager and the person in charge of SPF affairs in every SPF employer by email. At present, more than 1,600 SPF units have subscribed to the e-paper. The publication has been warmly received by the SPF members.

Those who wish to subscribe to the e-paper can register at the column of electronic magazine in SPF website.

Aug. 20, 2007

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