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Shanghai Pudong New District Study Group Visits Suzhou

The study group of Shanghai Pudong New District, headed by Du Jiahao, Executive Member of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Secretary of Pudong New District Party Committee, and Vice-chairman of Executive Committee of Shanghai 2010 World Expo, and Zhang Xuebing, Governor of Pudong New District, visited Suzhou on Aug. 16, and on the same evening, Mayor Yan Li of Suzhou met the members of the group at Suzhou Industrial Park.

Yan Li expressed welcome to the study group from Shanghai Pudong, and said: "Shanghai is the largest economic center in the Yangtze delta region, as well as a leading factor in the development of the region. Since the reform and opening up, Suzhou has benefited from Shanghai, and from the historic opportunity of Pudong's opening up in particular. The visit to Suzhou by Shanghai Party and government delegation shortly before has further enhanced the friendship between the two areas and created new opportunity of exchange and cooperation." He said that Suzhou would make better efforts in learning from Shanghai, serving Shanghai, and blended into the development of Shanghai according to the requirements of the Provincial Party and government, and play a due role in the coordinated development of the Yangtze delta region.

Du Jiahao said, "Suzhou has achieved astounding progress in social and economic construction since the reform and opening up, and it is most inspiring to see the people of Suzhou grasping the opportunities and blazing new trails in an scientific and innovative spirit." He hoped that the two areas would strengthen exchanges and cooperation and supplement each other in industries, and make concerted efforts in pushing forward the economic integration of the Yangtze delta region to achieve industrial upgrading and a win-win results.

On the afternoon, the group was given a briefing on the development and construction of Suzhou and SIP, and then shown around Suzhou Int'l Science Park and Dushu Lake Higher Education Town.

Accompanying the visit are municipal leaders Wang Jinhua, Feng Ruidu, Zhou Weiqiang, and Song Shenglong. The group included other leaders of Shanghai Pudong New District Li Mei, Lin Quanzhang, Zhang Guohong, Wan Daning, Tian Sainan, Zhang Hua, Zhang Jing, Chen Gaohong, Kang Huijun, Guo Jianfei, and Liu Zhengyi, etc.

Aug. 17, 2007

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