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SIP Takes On New Momentum in Semiconductor and Outsourced Service Industry

The US-owned Applied Materials Inc., one of the Fortune-500 enterprises and a global leader in advanced nanotech manufacturing solutions for electronic industry, recently invested USD 20 million to set up Applied Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in SIP to engage in cleaning service and software development for the local semiconductor manufacturers. The entry of Applied Materials in SIP is to further improve the semiconductor industrial chain and add significant weight to the outsourced service in SIP.

The innovative equipment, service and software of Applied Materials Company are widely used in the manufacturing of semiconductor chips, LCD, solar battery, and energy-saving glass panels. Besides, it is the most successful manufacturer of silicon plates testing equipment in the global semiconductor industry. Most of the well-known semiconductor enterprises across the world are using the equipment and service of Applied Materials in IC production, and for 15 consecutive years, Applied Materials has been on the very top of the global list of semiconductor suppliers.

Aug. 9, 2007

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