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Suzhou Science, Technology, Cultural and Art Center Appropriated
with Provincial Special Tourism Fund

Recently, Suzhou Science, Technology, Cultural and Art Center was given a special tourism development fund by the provincial authorities for the year 2007 in the amount of 600,000 RMB, which is to be spent on the construction of visitors' information center and related services.

Presently, the Center has entered the stage of final interior decoration and trial operation, and is scheduled to open to the public by the coming National Day this year. The Center's grand theater has planned a full program of shows that will last till October 2008, including "the Silk Road" concert and dance drama "Carmen". From Sept. 1 to 15, the Center will begin its function as the permanent base for evaluation activities of Golden Rooster Film Awards. A series of activities will be unfolded during the 16th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival in late October, making the Center a fresh highlight in cultural tourism in Suzhou.

Aug. 7, 2007

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