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New Technologies from IBM and AMD Introduced in Suzhou

A seminar on new technologies from IBM and AMD was held at SIP International Science Park on July 24, organized by Suzhou Software Testing Center and attended by some 60 local technicians.

Experts from IBM gave a description of new features and the role of the latest V7 version of Rational software in the development procedure, and conducted demonstration on its frame structure and design, testing, default management, and demand management, etc. The attendees were impressed with the highly integrated platform and usability of the Rational development tools.

The experts from AMD, the world leader in processors, introduced the trend of openness, multi-cores, and blending of the next generation of computers, and the technical features of Opteron in reducing cost, the technology of virtualization, high reliability of memory, quadruple-core technology, and the solution and application of AMD-based chips.

July 25, 2007

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