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Over 600 Enterprises to Gather at the 6th Suzhou eMEX

The 6th Suzhou Electronics Manufacturing Exposition (eMEX) is scheduled from Oct. 18 to 21 at SIP Int'l Expo Center. The Municipal Government held a new release in Beijing on the morning of July 25, and according Deputy Mayor Zhou Weiqiang, more than 600 enterprises will participate in the forthcoming eMEX with 1,800 booths totaling an exhibition area of 4,400m2.

Prestigious IT manufacturers, R&D institutions, and purchasing businessmen will gather at the event to witness the latest IT technological products. Wei Jianguo, Vice-minister of Ministry of Commerce, said: "The scale of Suzhou eMEX is getting larger with every year with constant improvement of technological levels, and the event has become a landmark exhibition for IT industry."

As the largest electronic exposition in China, Suzhou eMEX has been successfully held for 5 times, thanks to the fast-growing IT industry and the formation of IT industrial chain in Suzhou. Since well-known electronics enterprises, like Motorola, Canon, Fujitsu, **, Lenovo, and Zhongke have set up their R&D centers in Suzhou, and tertiary institutions and research institutes have had their presence in Suzhou, the role of Suzhou as hi-tech manufacturing center in the Yangtze delta region has come to the fore, and the traditional production-oriented type of enterprises are giving way to the more technology-oriented service industries.

Deputy Mayor Zhou Weiqiang also announced that China Computer Conference (CNCC) 2007 would be held during the eMEX in interactive cooperation with the exhibitors, and seminars on semiconductor industry, software forum, and IC designing would be organized.

July 25, 2007

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